Ninja Joins Twitter and Full New Dojo Courtyard Sneak Peek (and something funny too!)

After many fake accounts, the real Ninja penguin from the Club Penguin Team has joined Twitter! His username is @Ninjachat3…kind of like Penguin Chat 3. Get it? Nice play on words, Ninja!

He also tweeted a picture of the full new Dojo courtyard. (see yesterday’s post for a partial sneak peek)


Also…Ninja is a fake, he has no Card-Jitsu stamps unlocked! Lol!

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 7.06.36 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 7.06.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 7.06.46 PM

36 thoughts on “Ninja Joins Twitter and Full New Dojo Courtyard Sneak Peek (and something funny too!)

    • wt?the post change,i send my comment and it actuaiize and now this,before was the tweet of ninja of the official trailer,wt?lol

    • If you are a ninja, you don’t talk a lot! So, why would somebody name it Ninja chat?! Ninjas don’t talk, but fight! Well, it might not be Ninja…. Really! But I got it! Lol XD

    • It will possible by in the Dojo, there’s construction at some stairs in the corner. It could an entrance!

    • meditates on dojo it is aceint but maybe to aceint the fire water and snow can hold the power the dojo holds so ya its good

  1. Ninja is real!
    yesterday he was at the dojo on FieldFriday but sometimes he jusy dissapeared 0_o but still he was in the same room but no1 could find him 0_o

  2. This design is WAY better! And the fact they removed the ninja hideout means it all makes sense on where the paths are, instead of walking through doors with a wall behind them :| Also, the fact the statues and the ground are crumbling make it look more old – showing it’s been through a lot. I think one day in 2015 it might collapse and ninjas will rebuild it to discover the most powerful being alive – The Elemental Master, Cross. We must use all the elements and use all our cards to destroy him.

  3. Where is the Ninja Hideout? :O


    We like the new Dojo Courtyard, but PLEASE let the Ninja Hideout Stay!

  4. LOL Maybe b ecause he’s a mod he got the ninja suit or became a fire and regular ninja before stamps and never played card jutsui again

  5. I think that the dojo will become a mini Ninja Hideout and have all the doors to the Fire Dojo, Water Dojo, and Snow Dojo.

  6. Also I have a postcard from 14 Moderators and Ninja ( and other moderators) liked my iggy so if you need to look at one of them (Stamps, outfits Ect) just drop by my Igglo!

  7. And… Ninja got all the Ninja-related stamps. :P And… he got EPF stamps, too! Is he an EPF agent in disguise?

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