Another Quick Update

It’s been two weeks since I last posted an update on me being busy so I figured it would be good to post another one. For the most part I’ve been able to keep on top of the core parts of Club Penguin Memories. (pages and game related posts) What I still need to do and catch up on is the following:

  • Create and edit a few more pages
  • Make another post about new membership and item cards (there’s more!)
  • Catch up on ‘On This Day In Club Penguin History’ and ‘Club Penguin Memories Weekly Post Roundup’
  • Add many new outfits to the header (new clothes from January to now and also outfits penguins have requested)
  • Fix a few site bugs

I hope to be caught up (with the exception of header penguins) by the end of this month. By the middle of June I’ll be caught up with school and have completed the school year. I’ve got lots of website plans for the Summer, such as translating it to Spanish and possibly even Portuguese with some help of those who speak the language! Many have requested it, and I definitely want to do it. :)

I’ll also have more giveaways over the comings months…what should I give out? One month memberships? Coin codes? Card-Jitsu codes? Bling Bling Necklace codes? You tell me!

56 thoughts on “Another Quick Update

  1. bling necklase the yellow gold 1 im gettin MINECRAFT WOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  2. Hi Train,

    You may want to post this update I found while searching the shake it up mascots on my buddy list.

    Encase you may or may not have heard Club Penguin’s Old mascot Rocky is not searchable
    It says player not found.

    Update#2 cece is now addable by instant search but its unknown if she will be your friend.

    I’m likely guessing this is a bug of some kind or the Team is permanently removing the mascots from their Game files due to them no longer visiting. What do you think this is? hmm…

  3. I want Bling Bling Necklace codes!And you can count on me for the translation of Portuguese Blog!

  4. You should do Card-Jitsu codes! Make sure it could be a good time because my time zone is PST. Thanks!
    P.S. What does this symbol mean? £

  5. Cool! And second. Really third, but you gots to call it! :) Oh, and good job and I can’t wait to see your improved blog! Can you by any chance make a mascot outfit for me? Here is what I want:

    Name: Joshua64885
    Back Round: Cadence’s Back Round on her player card.
    Hat: Beta Hat
    Face: Mustache
    Body: Beta Hat Shirt
    Hand: Dubstep Puffle, be sure to add the DJ hat!
    Feet: Orange checkered shoes.
    Neck: Amulet

    Please do this and respond to this exact comment with a picture!

  6. Can you put my penguins outfit in the header? It is just the basic look I wear all the time. Thanks

  7. Train i think you should do lots of item and membership codes. Oh and here is an idea!
    how about every day for week/a number of weeks starting you know,whenever,you should do a contest for an item. if you think its a good idea plz reply. Thx!


    i live in israel and the time difference is HUGE!!!!!! (TEN HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!) so can you plz take that into consideration IF you do my idea? THX!
    from your biggest fan,


  8. what ever a party is on give away 100 coins and a free item around the party to a winner of a competion or something else. For example in a card jitsu party give a bandana with a fire or water logo on it or something like that

  9. Trainyman (I meant to put that y there :P)
    I just found out: My penguin is about to be 1500 days old on the 1st June :)
    I think I want a party but how will I get the word out :(
    I might log on at 6am PST (Me in UK) 1st June on Cozy.
    Can you come?

  10. I’ve been spending 2332 days of my life not playing clubpenguin and my penguin is 1475 days old today ._. .-. And I’m the first double digit…….

  11. Also, can you fix the comments? Whenever I post a comment, my name is saved. However, the website isn’t so have to put it in EVERY time. It is really annoying! Is there anyway to change this?

  12. hi train have you looked at polo field twitter acount latley
    it says “@PoIoField’s tweets are protected.
    Only confirmed followers have access to @PoIoField’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.” strange !!!

    • That’s not the real Polo Field account. It’s a fake that’s meant to look real – the L’s are really i’s.

  13. I think you should giveaway any of the items(mostly Bling Bling Necklace <3) Because I have never won anything or had a membership in my life!!!! :'''(

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