March 28, 2013 EPF Message By Jet Pack Guy

Jet Pack Guy has sent a new EPF message! It’s noteworthy, but of course Club Penguin has completely spoiled that we’re having a new mission. Why not make things a secret for once like they used to be?

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.40.23 PM

The message reads:

Agents. It’s been too quiet for comfort lately. We’ve got a couple of high profile threats we haven’t tracked down. Keep sharp out there.

Thanks Green n Cool and Skullghost3!

24 thoughts on “March 28, 2013 EPF Message By Jet Pack Guy

  1. Upcoming Updates-April 5th-Elite Penguin Force Mission/Fun at the Cove.
    fun at the cove?what fun at the cove train?

  2. Who thinks Saraapril should just Quit Clubpenguin. I think she should cuz shes gotten crazy over the new feartures. I think she should be like Monchocho :) she even said that we should go on shrike! Quit Clubpenguin Saraapril. Quit.

  3. Train, what do you mean in your upcoming events you said: Elite Penguin Force Mission/Fun at the Cove. what does that mean?

    • I haven’t posted it yet because I’m waiting for this official introduction on the Club Penguin Blog instead, I saw that tweet though. :)

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