Club Penguin Blog: Where’s The Snow Dojo?

Another day, another Card-Jitsu Snow post on Club Penguin’s Blog. This one is from Polo Field. He’s asking us where we think the Snow Dojo will be! Along with that he gave us the following sketch:


I think it’ll be on Club Penguin! :P

The following page has been updated:

36 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Where’s The Snow Dojo?

  1. I think it willbe on either The Tallest Mountain or Twin Mountain (the mountain with one body and two peaks. It’s on the map).

    • You make no sense.If we are having prehistoric party it make sense. but HOW COULD IT BE IN AFRICA ITS HOT THERE!?! or are you making a joke

  2. I think it’ll be on Club Penguin! :P Thanks,Mr Ovbious xD I think on a ice montain o maybe in mcdonals LOL :D

  3. Train, can you like Pinguiny’s igloo and like my igloo which you can get to through Pinguiny’s like igloo list/friend list

  4. I know excatly where it is THE CENTER OF THE SUN,or WALMART.XDJk it’ll be in the moutain besides the dojo at the right because ninja hideout has the snow element at the right.ever since the wlmart part sounds funny LOL!

  5. I’ve seen it it’s on the tallest mountain i was clicking on it suddenly i just teleported there there was this same place when i went near sensei it said “You came hear Before time” so it logged off

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