Club Penguin Discussion: What Would You Like To See From Club Penguin In 2013?

It has been some time since I last had a Club Penguin discussion, and since it’s the beginning of an all new year I thought of a good topic for us to discuss together in the comments section below. What exactly would you like to see from Club Penguin in 2013? This could be anything, in game or out of game. You could say you want the Club Penguin Magazine or new Club Penguin Merchandise to come to your country for example, or you could say you want a new mascot, new stage plays, a new feature, etc. Be as specific or vague as you’d like. (although specifics are better :P)

Personally, I would like the following to happen on Club Penguin in 2013:

  • Less bugs
  • New stage plays
  • The Club Penguin Magazine to come to North America
  • Shorter parties (they used to be 3-5 days, or 7 days max, not 14 days each!)
  • More stamps
  • Some changes to the Penguin Mail would be nice, rather than simply adding old postcards each month. Maybe the private chatting feature that’s coming this year will be incorporated into it?
  • Server jumping
  • Something new with Card-Jitsu
  • At least 1 new mini game
  • Club Penguin’s official songs added to DJ3K
  • The ability to reference the stamps and their objectives we need to unlock for a game inside that game

Sure, it’s a lot. I don’t really expect all of this to happen, but it’d be cool to see at least some of these things happen.

88 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: What Would You Like To See From Club Penguin In 2013?

  1. • NO mascots from TV shows.
    • New stage plays at LEAST 2 times a month
    • Mail with messages you can type
    • New rooms (??? room)
    • Two story igloo
    • Private Chat SERVERS
    • Information Board
    • Different Pets (NO PUFFLES)
    • Mascot Party (ability to become a mascot)
    • EPF Recon Team (if real)
    • Movies and more features
    And more.

  2. First of all, I do have to agree with you Trainman, I think all of the things you said would be nice for Club Penguin this year. Especially, the shorter parties, at least 1 new mini-game, and new stage plays, (the haven’t made a new stage play in almost a year).

    What I would like to see from Club Penguin is a new room. This year we lost the VR Room and that was really sad. Club Penguin hasn’t added a new room since 2010!!!

  3. U know i saw a strange dream yesterday-and sometimes my dreams come true!-and i’m sure it will happen.I saw in the dojo courtyard a new door and it had as symbol a snowflake! I think that there is truly the snow dojo and the shadow dojo after the dream i saw.Also now that i can tell, i want to see some new songs in DJ3K too and in Dance Contect!But for the parties i disagree with u about the party duration.It’s better now that there are many party days but ok they could be 9 days but not 3!

  4. Hey trainman.
    I want the club penguin this year:
    Dot jet pack guy as pets;
    card jitsu snow, snow could fall on club penguin at a party, and having to interrupt the party to make dojo of snow on the mountain where the snow dojo had a new color pufle.
    This year I do not want medieval festival, music jam, earth day.
    Wanted new theaters and a gold award pinguin much larger than the others.
    Presentations of penguin band cadence for real and not fake, on stages for a specific clip, and it would not be easy to find them.
    New stamps activities.
    Trai, could you send the requests were requests for more staff CP, to know what do they most want is not it?

  5. Hey check for polofield twitter he said there will be a new design cause I asked just got to hes page find my name then it shows proof club penguin is getting a new design

  6. Ok train i was looking at that post you made a long time ago about the recon team and how dare you talk about debby ryan liek that??? I LOVE HER. SHES MY ROLEMODEL. But anyway there is no new game that has been said in the recon team and rebuilt sport shop thing so that was just FAKE. On the other hand i would like a cp movie.

    • Train i think cp are giving little hints for new puffle color you know why i say that?Because every puffle has its own puffle bed color and puffle house color but there is one color that a puffle doesent have:Grey or Gray not sure so maybe on Cjsnow there will be grey/gray puffle? I found that out in the puffle catalog but not sure if they will have grey/gary puffle.

  7. I say…
    1. New Puffle (Different shades of colours)
    2. Three New Rooms (Leading from Snow Forts, into a few rooms, maybe leading up to Dojo and also leading out of the Mine Shack)
    3. Card Jitsu Snow (To come in the summer months)
    4. Shorter Parties (2 per month, one week only)
    5. New minigame (in the room I suggested)
    6. Room upgrades for the Forest, Cove, Iceberg + Mine Shack
    7. The tallest mountain to come back
    8. Super Rare Items to come back (From 2007 and 2006)
    9. Brand New Basic Igloos (Extended)
    10. Igloos which allow you to go out of them into your garden
    11. Better Treasure Book Items

  8. A New Room,More Hidden Rooms,Longer Catalogs,Mansion Igloo Upgrades,A Party Where All Items Ever Available As A Party.

  9. New Stage plays defo…. shorter parties, I actually wanted the Christmas party to end this year D: Also, I was the Private chat and server jumping to come!

  10. 1. Card Jitsu Snow
    2. New EPF mission or party
    3. New puffle
    4. New stage plays
    5. New rooms
    6. The ability to get to the Rockhopper island
    8. Dot and Jet Pack Guy as mascots
    9. New stamps
    10. Tent, Restaurant, Theatre igloos to come back and 2 level igloo
    11. No advertising parties
    12. New parties and old parties (Water party, Penguin Play Awards) to come back

  11. card jitsu snow
    new parties
    Holiday party to have all mascots in it
    dot and jet pack guy to be mascots
    klutzy to be mascot
    new puffle
    new stage plays
    new rooms
    rockhopper island
    new stamps
    a couple advertising parties
    private chat
    server jumping
    new mini game
    new sport shop
    tour guide building
    jet pack to come back as non member without membership card
    club penguin tv show
    no such thing as members, everyone can do everything so it’ll be fair
    to make EVERYTHING look modern
    magazine in North America
    I want the parties to stay the way they are because they might make them 3 days only or something
    sorry for long comment

  12. 11.starts raining coins
    10.more jobs (gift shop workers)
    9.puffle and rockhopper island
    8.time machine igloo item
    7.huge tv (5000 coins)
    6.old penguin designs
    5.sensei and rockhopper are brothers
    4.herbert clones dot and jet pack guy penguin sinks and there is a party for getting to the surface
    2.lighthouse falls over and it becomes a bridge to a new island
    1.herbert steals all the puffles and we get new pets

  13. Shorter parties, Club Penguin magazine in North America, old items, old parties and new parties that don’t promote anything ._. I personally think that the Prehistoric Party was a great idea.

  14. • Old Clothes Back
    • New Games
    • More Stamps
    • Less Hacking
    • New Mascots
    • Party where all the mascots and moderators go on
    • Big party and get rare item (non-members)
    • Free 3 months membership
    • Better Non-Member Clothes
    • Bigger Igloos
    • Igloos are cheaper to buy
    • Non-Members can Transform into more stuff
    • CP Magazine in North America (Canada, USA)
    • Innocent Smoothies in North America
    • Free Toy Codes

    • The problem with the whole “rare item” idea is that the item wont actually become rare until like 3 years later, and rare items coming back would lose their rarity anyway… A good example is the 3D Glasses, last released in 2007 and then they come back in 2010… and BAM! they’ve lost their rarity completely.

  15. Here is what I would like:
    More things for nonmembers
    Server jumpers
    Norman swarm as been transformed at the stage
    More new items in catalogs
    Parties to be about 7-8 days
    Magazins to come to America.
    Less bugs
    Some of them are the same as yours but this is just some general things that I would like. Oh I forgot to say this but also new igloos and furniture.

    • Also some really old clothes from like 05 and 06. I love the graphics on them. They aren’t as good and that’s why I love them.

      • Oops I spelled magazines wrong and I would also enjoy a party where club penguin is a high school. I don’t like real school all that much so this might be better! Or a random party where they just mix up a bunch of parties we have had around the island but also some new items and also old. That would be by far my favorite party if they did that.

  16. I’ve always wanted more interactive rooms, for example.. the fishing rod. Maybe you could use it for fishing in the cove. God knows what you’d do with the fish, maybe sell them for like 5 coins.. Okay, I don’t know about that part.
    Also I wish snowballs could only be used in areas where there is snow.

  17. why do you want shorter parties? People cant get the free items they want! And what I really want is to happen is that rockhopper stays before or after a party happens. Usually mascots stay during parties, but in like 2009, they were online when there were no parties.

      • will if there was fun rooms and the party ended in like a week penguins will cry and if a party item was 2500 or 2800 or 1000 thats not a good time and free items if penguins missed it.

    • Short parties were awesome the Winter Fiests (2007, 2008, and 2009) were each 3 days in length and they were awesome parties! Length REALLY doesn’t matter and neither do the free items.

  18. #1 Shorter parties (Halloween was way to long).
    #2 Dont use Rockhopper for a third party mascot.
    #3 Don’t make Spike Hike and Polo Field mascots (just dont like the idea).
    #4 Less bugs!!!

  19. I’d like to see a lot of the things above happen but I’d like new apps and video games as well. Second of all, I think penguin inventories should be updated. I have so much stuff that I find it hard to find things when I want them. Maybe sub-sections could be added under each category (ex: pirate things, holiday things, job things, things released in 2008, ect.). Also, maybe Rory could become a mascot. He could come every time there’s construction on the island. Finally, I’d like Sensei to visit soon. We haven’t seen him since November 2011 so I believe a visit is in order. Otherwise you get a thumbs up from me, Club Penguin (if you’re reading this)!

  20. I’d like:
    Another Superhero Takeover
    NO CeCe and Rocky mascots
    shorter parties
    UK stuff to come to America
    Card Jitsu-Snow to come BEFORE November.
    EPF missions ( like PSA missions )
    old graphics back
    older parties
    Dot and JPG mascots
    Server Jumping

    This is all I can think of now.

    • No fair just america! magazines shoukld come to the contry CP was found the eastern part of that country gets nearly nothing.just membership .So North AND South america should get the magazines

  21. I would like club penguin magazines to come to Canada (more specifically, British Columbia.) Server jumping, party’s to last till the next party or with like a day or two in between, a little more stuff for non members and no more mascots,because its hard to ahem REALLY hard to find them.
    That’s it.

  22. First of all, man, I apologize for not posting here in ages. I guess I just drifted away from CP a bit, but I’ll be posting more now with Holiday breaking being over.

    Anyways, personally I’d like more stamps as well – we hardly got any new ones in 2012.

  23. Definetly the CP magazine in Australia. It sucks that basically no Club Penguin stuff is available in Australia.:(
    . Lots more rare items
    . Old parties to come back
    . More missions
    . F.I.S.H catalog to come back and be updated often; btw, Train do you remember the F.I.S.H catalog? It was a shame it didn’t get updated.

  24. I would like some stuff to come this year as…

    *Like 2 or 3 new mascots (Dot, Jet Pack Guy and probably Rory and Protobot, I mean, we had Rocky and CeCe as mascots but no JPG or Dot?)
    *Some new Friend List capability extended (Like instead of 500 friends, to 650 friends)
    *Some old parties to return like the Water Party, Festival of Flight, Puffle Party, The Fair (If they add new stuff), and another Rockhopper’s Quest in 2013
    *Some parties to not return like the Medieval Party (It could be that it returns but I want it to be the last of all Medieval Parties (I mean, its tooo much and it had almost every thing from past years, 2012 was something original at least…)
    *No advertising parties (No parties such as Phineas and Ferb Summer Kick-off Party, Gravity Falls Camping Party, etc.) (It could be that the Super Hero Takeover returns but without MARVEL)
    *Music Jam to return and no Rocky nor CeCe, just a classic Music Jam
    *Like 1 or 2 new minigames this year (You said before that the game Ice Jam Game or wutever is called will be turned into a game soon right?)
    *Sensei to return this year and Card-Jitsu Snow
    *More EPF Stuff soon and Protobot and Herbert returns
    *New rooms like 2 or 3 new rooms
    *Penguins At Work return at the catalog or at least in a new catalog at the Gift Shop
    *The old penguin designs, I hate the new one right now, they look like evil teenagers who do illegal stuff
    *More Club Penguin Animated Shorts but NO Club Penguin Movie nor Club Penguin TV Show
    *Some mysteries to be discovered like the mystery of the underneath the Iceberg, the mystery of Rockhopper Island, etc.
    *1 or 2 new Stage Plays and some which only returned like 1 or 2 times to return like the play Battle of the Ancient Shadows
    *Penguin Play Awards and Card-Jitsu Party to return
    *New party stamps, new mascot stamps, new activities stamps
    *Kind of short parties like 9 – 11 day parties, since this is the reason why Anniversary Parties are now held in the Halloween Parties, because the Halloween ones are 2 weeks now
    *No Advertising/Third Party Parties

  25. Dot as a new mascot
    Short parties
    Free membership for all penguins
    Free iglu items for all
    server jumping
    misions for the epf
    New rooms
    Card jitsu snow
    More games
    More third party
    No prehistoric parties
    Rocky and cece on the music jam again

  26. Here’s my wish list for 2013
    Shorter Parties (maybe, 7-8 days)
    No third Party advertising
    Bring back Penguins at work (I have been waiting for coffee apron and pizza apron since a year)
    More stamps
    Fix old bugs like podium puffle stamp bug in catching waves.
    Have an igloo party for about 3 days so many penguins can earn the party host stamp
    Redesign of the inventory
    Make Dot and Jet Pack Guy mascots, personally I don’t want spike hike and polofield to become mascots.
    Bring back PSA missions into the main game.
    I would like it if club penguin plush toys were available in India or atleast shipped to India.
    Custom made furniture for igloos like pictures or accessories.

  27. 1. The ability to send EPF Spy Phone Messages to friends.

    2. Another superhero party with Galactus and Silver Surfer costumes.

    3. Back To The Future party!

    4. Server Jumping!

    5. Danny Phantom Costumes.

    6. Club Penguin cartoon on Disney XD with a Back To The Future parody.

    7. Forest, Cove, Ski Hill, Iceberg, Mine Shack, Pool, Boiler Room and Hidden Lake to be redesigned.

    8. A ‘No Pookies’ rule.

    9. For people to like the New CP and cut the anti-Disney rants OUT!!!

    10. Card-Jitsu Snow and Shadow.

    11. Club Penguin The Movie: The Revenge Of Herbert P. Bear

    12. Kim Possible To Be A Mascot (I HAVE A CRUSH ON HER OK!)

    13. Gliders that will actually allow you to fly (like Airbender gliders or something)

  28. i have a lot for cp to do on either 2013 or 2015. .Back To The Future party Star wars party Pixar Movies Party Lion King Party Aunt Arictic’s voice Dot,jetpack guy, to be mascots Mickey and Friends party The Fair {with rides} Water Park Any Disagreements?

    • I don’t like the idea of club penguin having a party based on other Disney characters like Mickey and so on. The best parties were original ones like festival of flight and water party. I for one don’t want to see third party mascots like rocky and Cece again.

  29. id like to club penguin magazine in europe–>ROMANIA cuz i live in there and yea i learned english at school duh… thats all and id like club penguin send this christams to all 1 month membersip it would be cool =D

  30. -The Club Penguin Magazine to come to Poland
    -New mascot (Jeff the Reef)
    -Sport Shop Rebuild
    -PSA and Old EPF back
    -EPF Recon Team
    -Penguin Games 2013 (with new mascot Jeff the Reef)
    -More EPF parties and events

  31. Trainman, This is I want for 2013.

    Parties of 2013
    January 2013-Prehistoric Party
    February 2013-Fashion Show and Puffle Party 2013
    March 2013-St Patrick’s Day Party 2013
    April 2013-April Fool’s Party 2013, Easter Egg Hunt 2013 and Earth Day Party 2013
    May 2013-Medieval Party 2013
    June 2013-Summer Party 2013?
    July 2013-Music Jam 2013
    August 2013-Penguin Games 2013?
    September 2013-The Fair 2013
    October 2013- Halloween Party 2013 and Club Penguin’s 8th Birthday Party
    November 2013-Card-Jitsu Snow
    December 2013-Holiday Party 2013

    New rooms get a new look-Forest, Cove, Lighthouse, Ski Lodge, Lodge Attic, and Ski Hill.

    New mascots-Dot and Jet Pack Guy

    new igloos and new stamp.

    What you want for 2013, Trainman.

  32. Penguin Play Awards, new room(s), Water Party, CJ Snow, updated player card, server jumping, Penguin Games, new stage plays, and more.

  33. The things I would like to see this year, On Club Penguin is very long.
    1. I would like to have the Unreleased Igloo That has a wooden ladder That leads Upstairs.
    2. Of course New Stage Plays!
    3. I would like to see some rare stuff coming back.
    4. I want NEW AND RARE furniture!
    5. I would LOVE to see the Color Grey for our penguins!
    6. A new mascot!

    Well that it!

  34. 1. Shorter parties (they start to become boring)
    2.New mascots
    3. Some rare items to come back (not much)
    4.Penguin awards
    5. Another superhero takeover
    6.2 floor igloo
    7.New stage plays
    8. New rooms.
    9.More interactive rooms
    10. Old graphics.

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