It’s Almost Been One Week: How Do You Like The 2014 Music Jam and SoundStudio?

Tonight will mark one full week since the 2014 Music Jam and SoundStudio were released on Club Penguin. While SoundStudio got good reviews, a lot of penguins voiced their unhappiness about the Music Jam. How do you feel?

With the Music Jam, the biggest complaint seems to be is that there are not many island decorations. Instead, it’s just the cruise ship which is only for the party. Many do not like that and wished the actual island was decorated just like it was in the past Music Jam parties. I personally do not mind the Cruise Ship, I think it’s great. Although having the actual island decorated would be cool, I’m not going to say this party stinks just because of that. One thing Club Penguin seems to be doing lately is having parties off of the Club Penguin island. They’ve done it a few times before, but even more this year. For example:

  • Prehistoric Party was not on regular Club Penguin, you had to teleport to it with the Time¬†Trekker
  • The Fair’s attractions were on the island, but not in the main rooms such as the Beach, Forest, or Cove. Instead you had to follow a special path at the Dock. The only “decorations” was the evening sky on regular Club Penguin
  • Future Party wasn’t on the Club Penguin island either, just like the Prehistoric Party you had to teleport with the Time Trekker
  • Music Jam takes place on the Cruise Ship for a majority of the party

It seems that roughly every other party this year takes place off the island. Here’s what I mean:

  • Prehistoric Party: off the island
  • The Fair: off the island
  • Muppets World tour: on the island
  • Puffle Party: on the island
  • Future Party: off the island
  • Penguin Cup: on the island
  • Music Jam: off the island

As you can see, of the seven parties we’ve had this year four took place off the island and three were on the island. Will next month’s party make it even and be on the island? I guess we’ll find out!

Now, for those of you unhappy with this year’s Music Jam, why are you exactly? You can’t say lack of items since there clearly is not a lack of them, it’s just when the party was released you could not instantly get any besides the Cadence and Penguin Band backgrounds unless you already had them. The rest of the items being released each day are new though!

Moving along to SoundStudio, how do you like it? Good? Bad? I think it’s fun, definitely more fun than DJ3K…it’s just you can’t get a few coins out of it which is hardly a problem but still would be nice. It’s fun to make tracks, there is a decent genre selection with more likely being added in the future, etc. The only problems I’ve encountered with SoundStudio are I can’t always like tracks because it says I already have in the past 24 hours even if I hadn’t, and the track naming filter is terrible. I will not get into specifics but I did discover the filter allows many inappropriate words, which I did alert Club Penguin about. While the filter does accidentally allow words that could get you banned, it also does not allow simple track names such as “Club Penguin” which I find to be highly annoying. Hopefully Club Penguin tweaks their filter for SoundStudio ASAP to block bad track names and also allow more good ones. Aside from these few bugs I think SoundStudio is a great addition and it’s fun to hear the tracks other people made! What do you like and dislike about SoundStudio? Do you like it more than DJ3K or do you feel like DJ3K was better?

49 thoughts on “It’s Almost Been One Week: How Do You Like The 2014 Music Jam and SoundStudio?

  1. The Music Jam is okay, I like the boat and stuff, but there isn’t that much to do with music. The stage, soundstudio, and the musical thingy in the control room is about it. Soundstudio is fun, but not nearly as fun as DJ3K. I also liked DJ3K not only because it is fun, but also because it was made during a time when Gary named everything with a suffix of 3000. Pizzatron 3000, Snow Maker 3000, DJ3000!

    • I think the only problem with the sound studio is they don’t allow the yellow puffle in the game !! because of this I thought about the yellow puffles and E-mailed club penguin to make a new game for the yellow puffles called artist 3000 or painting 3000 in that we could make drawings.. the game gives us paintings of penguins, the sun,mountains ETC and we should pick some items and paste it in our drawings and make it like scenery or make penguins stand next to the EIFFEL tower ETC …then we could save the drawing and paste it in our igloo …. we can make maximum of 50 painting and for non members they could meme 25 painting !!! cool game right :) sorry it was too long

  2. Like you said, Club Penguin lately has several parties off the island. I think that some particular parties are more suited off the island, but for other parties, they would be better on the island. For instance, the Prehistoric Party would be better off the island, but for Music Jam, I believe this party is better on the island.

    I think Music Jam this year is great! The cruise ship is cool, but it would be nice to have some more decorations on the island. This year’s Music Jam does not seem to have much music though. Yes, you can hear the SoundStudio tracks from others, listen to songs from Cadence, the Penguin Band, and Disney characters, and make music in the Engine Room, but it seems to me that there aren’t many musical elements in the party this year. In previous Music Jams, music was basically everywhere and a variety of different music was played. To conclude, some of the new stuff in the 2014 Music Jam rocks, but I miss other things from past Music Jams. The 2014 Music Jam is fun, but it’s not my favorite Music Jam. My favorite Music Jam is the one from 2011, which is also the first Music Jam I ever attended.

    SoundStudio is awesome! It’s like the updated version of DJ3K. I enjoy playing with the different genres of music. Rock and Dubstep are some examples. The feature of liking the tracks from other people is a pretty good idea, but I too sometimes cannot like them since it won’t allow me to do so although I did not like the track in the past day. The filter for the names of the SoundStudio tracks does not allow some names that are completely appropriate, like “Keytar Power”.

    Cruise Ship + SoundStudio = Fun 2014 Music Jam :)

  3. I guess it’s fun for members, but nonmembers can’t even LISTEN to music either in the boat dining room or in the nightclub if there isn’t a sharing member in the room.

  4. This Music Jam party 2014 is not a succes ( not in my opinion).
    Why? Well, there are several reasons.

    First of all, the CruiseShip is a GOOD idea and the rooms are looking awesome BUT this Ship should have being a “Bonus Music Jam Feature” and not the main party location!

    Second of all, the Guest Stars are just Animation on stage, If Would have being ALLOT of more Fun if they actually would waddle around the Island so we can Meet them, Add them and collect their Backgrounds as “Guest Mascots’.

    Third of all, They didn’t decorate the island AGIAN, I prefer like the entire island Decorated with less Graphic quality then just a couple of party rooms ( and they RE-used the Town from the Teen Beach Movie” Takeover. :/

    4th of all, Music Jam was and still should be about US penguins Creating and playing Music Together!
    This year’s music jam is more about CP (Disney) trying to use the game to advertise and promote Disney Channel artists & their Music.

    About the new Sound Studio, well that is a AWESOME New feature but yet its for member only, NON-members Cannot do much with it.

    Final review => Music Jam 2014 not that good,

    But Hopefully there is a reason why this isn’t the Party we All expected.
    -Maybe they are spending more time and work on the upcoming the Frozen Party?

    Time will Tell.

    -Until Next Time, Waddle On!

    -Captain Twy

  5. With me playing since late 08, I’m going to give my opinions the best way possible.

    One thing that I assume most penguins don’t like is that the parties are slowly starting to become more boring and starting to feel less fun. This Music Jam was horrible. It was trash. One thing penguins like is the creativity the game used to have is the party feeling vibrant, colorful, and something penguins actually loved to see, and roleplay in. Like the Music Jam in 09. You had the backstage, as well as the dance fiesta, but it was still on the Island, and it wasn’t the only thing to do. One thing I find tedious is logging on every day for an item. That, in my opinion, is a lazy way to get players to come on every day.

    Another thing I find wrong is the fact that Club Penguin is slowly becoming less original. Takeovers are okay… Some are better than others. The first takeover, the MARVEL party was AMAZING. They did their job clean and in the right direction. It allowed more players to actually join the game, as well as costumes for both Non Members and Members to have a fun playground. Now the Takeovers are overused. They shouldn’t be a every 3 months kind of thing. Maybe once or twice a year will be more tolerated.

    Then there are mascots… Oh boy. It’s not fun to find them anymore. The meet-up times are horrible because EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE attends, and it takes the challenge away of finding them. Not to mention penguins hording the rooms even though they met them like 20 times, when newer penguins are just having a terrible time just trying to meet them.

    On my last note… SoundStudio is not a bad game. However, it’s hard to make music when everything is already made for you. Also, the yellow puffles are left out now.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    • CP changed because a lot of things was for member in the last parties. Don’t be mad about the choice that CP maked. Music Jam 2014 is a great party, because all rooms are for everyone. There are good features, like the concerts, we can hear penguin’s mix (only members :/) and much more ! Now, I think CP want to make parties funny for everyone, not only for members : there are around 5 items for members only and 11 items for everyone (16 items for members !!), it’s too much for members, I think. CP changed, accept this.

    • since yellow puffles don’t have a game now, they should make a new one. i think a painting/drawing/art game would be fun. you could save your paintings and put them in ur iggy

  6. There isn’t much music to this Music Jam. :/ Where all the cool stages spread around the island, and the music maker 3000? That’s what makes a good music jam! As for Sound Studio..I haven’t played it yet. I never played DJ3K much.

  7. Well… the Music Jam was decent, but it was probably the most misleading party in CP history. Here’s why:
    1. Back in May or June, in an episode of the Spoiler Alert, a sketch of the Dock was posted, which was pretty much the ONLY decorated room at the party. It made penguins like me think there would be more rooms decorated. Not to mention there was a sign leading to another room that had the words “Wild West” on it, making me think CP was either too lazy to finish the party, or they ran out of time.
    2. Unlike many other parties, CP didn’t even show a sneak peek of ONE ROOM, other then the concept art Dock, making people think it was all a surprise.
    3. The picture on the blog’s announcement post… where can you find that stage at the party? Nowhere.

    Not to mention that it’s part takeover. Takeovers started off as a fun Marvel party penguins had been requesting for YEARS, and after that, takeovers just exploded. I’ve started thinking of 2013 as the “Year of Takeovers”, which is pretty bad. I’ll admit, all of the takeovers had something good about them. The TBM Summer Jam? No one asked for that, but we got an amazing summer party with the classic CP feeling. However, I still think CP should STOP the takeovers, unless it’s highly requested, like Marvel, Star Wars and Frozen.

    SoundStudio is probably the best part of this party, it’s really fun to make your own songs and have them play in the Dance Club for everyone to hear. I almost never saw the place that crowded.

    The cruise ship was cool, and SoundStudio was amazing, but the party needed more, ya know?

    • Yes, they didn’t spoil a lot the party, this is cool ! Then we didn’t know that there could be a pool on the boat etc. ! I think the Music Cruise should stay, or CP should keep the appearance of the “Boiler Room” of the Boat to use it for the Boiler Room on the island ! This year’s Music Jam is full of music, there is music in the toboggans, in the boiler room, in the Ship’s Buffet, in the Ship’s Lobby, everywhere in the Boat ! CP worked a lot on the game, on the catalogs for next month, on the next month’s party (Frozen Party), this is why (i think), this Music Jam doesn’t look complete.

      Thanks for reading :)

  8. Personally, why I am upset is not because the cruise ship sucks, but it just doesn’t live up to the Music Jam name. For example, they could have called this a Summer Party or a Vacation Cruise, and maybe even slapped in some Teen Beach decorations for the Snow Forts Town and Plaza. The Forest could have new decorations, and maybe a new party room to replace Big Mommas. The special guests could have still been there on the ship, ans they could have made the free items summer related.

    The other thing CP could have done is just reuse decorations from Music Jams 2011 and 2012. Those were the best Music Jams in my opinion because they were full of creative content and decorations. They could have still have kept the cruise this way, and everyone would get a little bit of something. I mean, they have 5 years (6 if you could Teen Beach) of content they could have used. If they are upset because it uses the old art style, there is still something I don’t understand. They reused some rooms for Medieval, Halloween and Christmas last year… so why is that such a big deal now? People wouldn’t mind at all!

    SoundStudio was the highlight of the party, even though its a permanent addition. I love the idea to share with others, and you can get really creative. I really have no complaints with this game.

    All in all, the Music Jam wasn’t a good party, but it still beats Star Wars and Medieval 2013! (I absolutely HATED Star Wars, and Medieval 2013 just didnt feel like a Medieval Party)

  9. I wasn’t thrilled about the 2014 music party.
    Sound studio was pretty cool, but non-members can’t do it.
    Getting likes for your song is hard, some penguins have over 100 likes for there songs
    but some penguins get jealous. Also other penguins can make the same song as other penguins so then
    they are like you copied me and then the other says no you copied me, etc, etc.
    It wasn’t a good year for music party. :(

  10. I agreed with most people here.

    This party gets the Oscar for most misleading party in 2014. Giving fake information surprising the audience about something else which in the end it was not as expected as most people did.

    SoundStudio is cool, but non-members can’t interact much with the minigame. Again, there’s another minigame fading away, where Yellow Puffles can’t interact that much with penguins anymore.

    The Music Cruise is ok, their decorations are boss but they should NOT and should NEVER focus in party rooms only. Prehistoric and Future make sense since we are travelling in time, The Fair didn’t make much sense to take place mainly somewhere else, but I must admit it was an epic party as well. A successful party that CP made focusing mainly in party rooms, but still decorating the island as well was the April Fools Party 2011 which was indeed my favorite April Fools Party.

    The mascots are COMPLETELY useless. They’re only performing, which makes no sense in bringing them here. What happened with the original Backstage, Night Club Rooftop, Casa Fiesta, Music Maker 3000? What happened with the neon lights, with the themed stages, with the amazing music?

    The music is completely irrelevant, since most of its music fits for something else. “Rock the Boat” music sounds like a fitting music for a St. Patrick’s Day, “Best Day Ever” music sounds fitting for a Holiday Party. I appreciated the return of original Summer Party music tracks, but I really loved the original Music Jam music tracks more. I appreciate they AT LEAST recycled the Town from TBM Summer Jam. At least it’s better than a boring Town.

    The items aren’t that bad, but honestly, the Non-Member items are better than the member items :|. I really liked the Puffle Hat and the Neon Hoodie thingy tho.

    This party in fact, is completely unrelated with music that much. CP once again, destroyed another beautiful party with a great reputation. The Music Jam is more as a “Vacation” Party. I feel CP is removing the purpose or main topic of most parties lately, like transforming the Medieval Party 2013 into a Fairy Tale Party, focusing more in CFC than the holidays during the Holiday Party 2013, etc.

    The Tour Bus Igloos are completely pointless, but harmless. Barely anyone goes in there.

    Again, CP is using the HORRIBLE method to bring in a penguin to log-in each day to claim an item. Why couldn’t they add more onto the Music Jam? This is perhaps the worst CP Summer ever! The Penguin Cup is basically the only good Summer party of 2014! Frozen? Idk.

    So thanks CP, thanks for destroying my favorite traditional party. Even the Ultimate Jam 2012 is better than this.

    Honestly, this makes the Medieval Party 2013 look good…

    • “I feel CP is removing the purpose or main topic of most parties lately” Very good point, that is so true.

    • I agree with pretty much everything you said. If they were to bring back a traditional party, they could at least have 5 or 6 of the rooms decorated like in previous years (2011, 2010 etc.)

      Nowadays CP is more into creating new things for new users, but old users like older things like traditional parties.

      I understand they want to create new things and not have repeats of old rooms, but they could at least put more effort into the parties.

  11. In earlier music jams(older ones) CP gave soo much free stuff and it was so fun!!
    as i was eager towards the new music jam party! i din’t like there was NOTHING for Non-members! Ecept the great Ipod! Cp is becoming greedy or sort of cause they are giving very less things to non-members that’s why people are leaving it!(my friend who played for 4 years leaved the game!)Hacks are being done! Cp should give something to non-member atleast a BODY item in every party!

  12. (Before you read this, CP has been a huge part of my life since 3rd grade (in 11th now)). I personally don’t feel like it is a Music Jam party. CP should have called it Summer Cruise and advertised in a different fashion. Their colorful, techno advertisements led to the idea that this party would be big in music, stages, and lights. But instead we got ourselves a cruise ship with little to do. I enjoyed the past Music Jams (08-10) because there was a greater amount of creativity and imagination in the design. Seeing the island itself transformed into a music paradise was really exciting and they have multiple special rooms in addition to the normal rooms. I did dislike the 08 member-only rooms as I didn’t have a membership until the 2009 Medieval Party, but they proved to be exciting when I did occupy a membership. The rooftop on the Night Club was also very exciting in the newer Music Jams and the addition of creative musical instruments around the island proved to be entertaining. The two big disappointments in this years party was lack of creativity (remember the old logo hah?) and off-island entertainment. Exploring the island with friends and dancing to the various rooms special music was always a blast. Of course I have no friends who play anymore so I can’t use that as a big factor in the decision. I truly think that the original Music Jams are done (and have been done for the past 3 years). I even remember having fun with the maracas in the forest with friends! CP entertainment has defiantly changed and I’m having a hard time at adapting to these changes.
    Regarding SoundStudio, I don’t mind because DJ3K was not too old anyways. And was DJ3K released in a member only party? I remember I didn’t have a membership then so I couldn’t go inside and it felt cruel that CP would do such a think. I’m glad they have moved away from restricting non-memembers to rooms. I felt like doing a sit-in hah!

  13. I just believe that Club Penguin slacks on common parties (old parties) in order to make everything perfect for other parties (new parties we have never experienced). I can see the Frozen takeover slaying all your faves starting.

  14. I’m just going to be honest here, I have absolutely no reason to even state my opinions on this party, let alone any party. People haven’t been liking all the CP parties recently, they’ve stated their opinions, said what they want changed, but even if Club Penguin has seen our comments… they haven’t done anything. At least I haven’t seen them do anything to change it. For instance, take the friends list. They’ve been going on and on how they are working on it, making it better etc, I haven’t seen any updates on it. A couple years ago, CP uploaded a video about teleporting, showing Happy77 and Billybob I think it was, teleporting. Now, I understand they may have run into problems with it or they are still working on it, but it’s just kinda stupid that they showed us this feature yet we’ve been waiting for it forever. We’re a community and what brings us together is stating our opinions, our thoughts on everything etc. Club Penguin has changed. And it isn’t going to magically change back the way it used to be.

  15. This year’s Music Jam just… doesn’t feel like a Music Jam. I like the cruise idea, but only two island decorations, one from last year’s Summer Jam? Disappointing. There was so much hype for it, too. SoundStudio is pretty cool. I actually like it better than DJ3K.

  16. I think they goofed on the mascots because the disney stars are just performing and you can’t meet them like Rocky and CeCe in 2014 but the water slides came back and the preformances are cool. SoundStudio is ok but i think DJ3K was a little better. i wish the music jam was “Jam” get it “Jam” Jelly and Jam LOL XD

  17. In my opinion, it’s not as good as the one in 2011 because there is a lack of party rooms on the island. The cruise is cool and all but this years Music Jam will not be better than Music Jam 2011.

    As for SoundStudio, it seems like the party is to get people to play it. Its way better than DJ3K because it offers more music. They should add more genres though, like Country and Jazz.

  18. I hate this party. I mean… The soundstudio is O.K. but I expected so much more from this party. Even THINKING that the party is on a boat is boring. The free items and the Shows stink. I really hope the summer/frozen party is better.

  19. Yeah, i wasn’t what everyone expected BUT is cool it doesn’t stinks, i met the Penguin Band after 3 years of fracase in past music jams so i will never forget this one, sharing tunes is pretty cool in the buffet. The guest weren0t really “popular” this time (Violetta, Sabrina…) But thinking my rate for it is 7.9 and is cool :) PD: i like how you are the most positive blogger in the whole CP :)

  20. I don’t like this party at all. I remember my first ever party, it was the Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam. I had just got home from the last day of my primary school and I had to say goodbye to my best friend, it was pretty rough.. then I remembered the party. I went on CP all afternoon, searching for Rocky and Cece, watching Cadence and the Penguin Band preform and getting their stamps. I loved all the rooms, I loved the lighting, the music and it really gave me goosebumps. The most saddest part for me is that I never met Cece or Rocky, they’ve always been my favourite mascots and I’ve always prayed for them to come back.. but nope.

    The Teen Beach Takeover last year was also amazing! I loved Big Momma’s, watching Brady and Mack preform with my friends, dancing and having a great time! I loved meeting Brady and Mack too, running after them at one of the meet ups was really fun. I enjoyed counting down the 20 minutes to each performance too. The items were great, I loved the ice cream, the beach ball, the towel, it really felt like summer. I also loved the water slide bit, I remember once everyone was wearing the cars and “clogging up” the bottom, it was amazing sliding down too. The road addition was great, I loved just travelling on there. The decorated rooms were amazing, like the cove, it really felt summery on the island and I loved it.

    This year’s Music Jam hasn’t been so great.. The Cruise Music is alright I guess, I also appreciate the fact that they added in some guest mascots, but it sucks that we can’t meet them. I remember seeing the log in screen and freaking out how “amazing awesome and amazing” this party was going to be. I hate it when there’s hardly any rooms decorated, I hate it when not all of the rooms are decorated, really. Best Day Ever isn’t even a good song if I be honest, Anchors Aweigh will always be my favourite.

    I just hope they put all their time into the Frozen party.

  21. Maybe Club Penguin didn’t put much effort into this party because they’re preparing for another bigger party…?

  22. In my opinion, Music Jam 2014 is neither bad nor good. I don’t really care about the disappearance of DJ3K (Since i never use it tbh) and also the new SoundStudio. Not saying that i’m not that creative enough in making music :p

    Well, i have to admit it that Disney promotes some of their artist, like, Zendaya, and Sabrina that i don’t really know that much (I don’t have TV Cable, i only watch local channel). Their music isn’t that bad. And Cadence new song, Best Day Ever, isn’t that bad either. Disney promoted their artist because they own CP. Imagine you have a thing that you can control, if someone asked you to do something else with that thing, would you do that? Maybe if it’s good, yes. Same with CP. We asked for old CP, but they’ll think it will be a lil’ bit boring with old stuffs and won’t ‘attract’ new modern players to play, so they do new stuffs instead. I know almost 60% peeps in CP community are mad because of this, but what can we do? Unless if we’re the one who owns CP, we can do nothing.

    And about the off and on island thingie, to be honest i don’t care that much. The one that i care is the mini-games, the newspaper, and the items that we can get in the party. Somehow i put a little dissapointment because non-members only gets head and hand item mostly. Pick 10 random non-members item that they have from party. You’ll have 2 heads, 1 neck, 2 hands, 2 background, and 1 face. No legs. That dissapoints me so much.

    Overall, CP slowly decreasing it’s performance because something that maybe we don’t know that much, and they will keep decreasing their performance if we keep complaining. We have to support them, maybe there’ll be a chance they will bring old party, but revised. Maybe i’m the one who didn’t really know CP that much since i’ve played CP for 3 years and until now, so our opinion may collide with each other.

    Hey, think about this: “Maybe they’re currently having another big project? Maybe they’re working on something else, like, MyPenguin for Android and Windows Phone? Or, maybe they are currently just that busy in something else?” Don’t think like this: “Ah, CP didn’t listen to us anymore. They want to promote Disney so it’ll become popular, and they just want money, because all items are mostly for members that requires membership that cost 5$(Is it?) for just a month. It sucks.” Just keep thinking positive guys :D



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