On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 19

On this day in Club Penguin History there were four different updates in the year 2008! The biggest one was that year’s Christmas Party beginning. The Ice Rink also returned, replacing the Soccer Pitch like it usually does every 6 months or so. The Present Pin was also hidden, located to the right of the fireplace at the Ski Lodge. The final update was the igloo decorating contest beginning. There was ten grand prize winners who received 25,000 coins each. There was also ten runner-ups who received 10,000 coins each.


Back to the Christmas Party though, shall we? This was Club Penguin fourth Christmas Party at the time. Comparing them to now, they were minimal – just some decorated rooms and a few free items and not much interaction. That has definitely changed ovetime though. The two free items at this party were returned. The Santa Beard was at the Ski Village and the Santa Hat was at the Snow Forts. One new addition to the Christmas Party this year that has continued since are the three books that appear in the Coffee Shop or Book Room, as it has ranged at the parties each year. Starting at the 2008 Christmas Party three books appear for a limited time. They are A Penguin Christmas Carol, Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic, and Christmas on Rockhopper Island.

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