New Holiday Party 2012 Sneak Peek From Polo Field

Polo Field has posted a quick Q&A about the Holiday Party on the Club Penguin Blog along with a few teaser images! Here it is:

When does the party start?
Next week – December 20!

Which mascot will be visiting? Will Aunt Arctic be here this year?
Rockhopper will be here on his own this year to give more people the chance to meet him! You can bet he’ll be telling fantastical, festive stories and causing a ruckus with snowball fights at the Dock and the Beach. He may even be giving out a new free background…


Where do I get the new Cookie, Blue Music Notes and Frozen Smiley emotes?
The new emotes are going to be added to the Emote menu in everyone’s chat bar December 20 to January 2! Here’s what you’ll see:


Use ’em like crazy, because they’ll only be available during the Holiday Party!

How do I win the holiday Igloo Contest?
The Holly Jolly Igloo Contest starts TODAY! Judges will be looking for creativity, originality, and tons of holiday cheer. For more details, check this week’s Club Penguin Times.

And if you see a igloo that YOU think deserves attention, post it in the comments below! We’ll make sure the judges see it!

The following page has been updated:

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  1. i found a bug! in the ultimate safe chat, scroll to hello and on the bottom will be: Lets go see the great puffle circus!

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