Club Penguin New Homepage Sneak Peek With Holiday Party 2012 Hints

Surprise! Club Penguin has a new homepage design on the way that’s later this week – my guess is on December 6th unless it ends up getting delayed like Club Penguin’s Fun Stuff redesign did. Polo Field said that the team is currently putting the finishing touches on the fresh new look. Here is the sneak peek. You can see the top has the navbar with the Club Penguin logo and links, a ┬áplay now button, the main homepage scene (Holiday Party) along with a “1” and “2” button – my guess is that it is a slider like Club Penguin’s Fun Stuff section where you can view different content. There is also an about membership button. Below all of that is a link to Cool in the Cold and more membership related things. Finally, there is the footer with the other minor yet important things Club Penguin wants to include.

The Holiday Party scene on the homepage is slightly similar to the log off screen, featuring the Frost Bite penguin and Brown Puffle with Antlers doing the cold emote. There are also lots of gifts, lights, mountains, and an aurora sky in the background. The whole website background is also an aurora. I love the shades of blue and green used for it all, it flows together nicely.

Finally, Polo Field did reveal that eventually other pages will match this new style. Based on the sneak peek, yay or nay for this new design?

The following page has been updated:

33 thoughts on “Club Penguin New Homepage Sneak Peek With Holiday Party 2012 Hints

  1. me to!,i have an idea for the buddy list,what if the buddly list show which server your friend is on to?,and is there going to be a little sneak peek of the cool in the cold song?,like the other songs,i mean the little gray sign that says the song and plays it.
    – Shera54321

  2. Nay from me, well, the new design at least. CP’s was unique, and now it looks like some Bin Weevils or Moshi design >:(

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