December 3, 2012 Moose Monday (Now Over)

Update: Now over!

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for Moose Monday today, it’s now in session! Like usual Businesmoose is holding his meetup in the server Fog around the island.

5 thoughts on “December 3, 2012 Moose Monday (Now Over)

  1. I finally attended one of these, and it was the dumbest experience ever. Whats the fun if its all slow when he is around, and that he doesn’t give a hoot of what you ask or say. Forget you “CP staff” that act like rare people…I am going to have fun with Rockhopper next month. His talk about Stinky Cheese is better than this :P.

    (awaits bashing from Moose fanboys)

  2. first of all some of us aren’t boys,and what time is it when hes appearing?,i always don’t get to go.
    – Shera54321

  3. how long does it take for you to post these moose monday things because I check club penguin memories for a moose monday but there is not a post so I just log on random servers

    • Usually there is a maximum of a 5 minute gap or less between the announcement on Twitter and me making a post on here. Only if I am not home or sleeping I don’t make a post on it, but that’s only happened once or twice.

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