Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 1

Day 1 of 24 for the Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 is now here! Starting from the moment this post is published (December 1, 2012 at midnight PST) you will have exactly 24 hours (until 11:59 PM PST of the same day) to enter to win the code up for grabs today. The task will differ from day to day, so make sure you read instructions in each post carefully!

The task for day 1 is to simply leave at least one comment on this post. This is not a commenting contest, you just need to comment once to be entered for today. The prize up for grabs for day one is: a coin code. Any entries for this day after 11:59 PM PST will not count. Instead, enter on day 2 once it is published!

Do not cheat as you will be disqualified. Make sure you include your email address when submitted a comment so I can give you the code! Good luck to each and every one of you! Remember, all 24 winners will be announced on the 25th of December. You can reference this post anytime for all of the information. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at any time.

294 thoughts on “Club Penguin Memories 24 Days of Contests 2012 – Day 1

  1. Hi Trainman :D I would be so happy if I would win, I live in Finland and here CP don’t sell toys so that’s why I would like to win, I also never won any contest about codes… Good luck to everyone!

  2. Wow thank you so much for this amazing contest.I hope i will win atleast a code trainman.I will be really happy ! There are no codes available at my country :-( Thanks again :-)

  3. I hope this counts!!!
    Notice how the only agents identities herbert released In the newspaper were those who ARENT mascots. They could be mascots in the future!!!


  4. I just have a question, could you please next time tweet when you do any giveaway, party, or whatever is important like those? I really missed many things last christmas and don’t wanna this to happen this year too!

  5. Cool! It is very nice of you to be doing this Train. I would like to be entered in the contest now please. – Sorry this is my second comment I forgot to add my email on the first one!

  6. Hey train it’s me if I don’t have a link on my name it means I commented from my kindle fire just letting you know Ps hope I win

  7. Hello Trainman! I hope I get into the draw and win the Coin Code! So anyways good luck to me and to everyone else! :)

  8. OPPA TRAINMAN STYLE!!!! Im pretty bored today so I decided to leave this nice comment for you…I hope you get the chance to read it:) Im VERY excited for the Holiday Party coming soon on Club Penguin! Are YOU? Im waiting to see all the nice emotes coming and the EPIC frosty costumes coming! It will be the jolliest party of the year, did you see the reindeer antlers? Have you pretty much enjoyed Operation: Blackout? It’s ending soon and I hope you had the best of fun! I did, some people say Operation Hibernation was better but I stay with this one, I mean like before you got everything at one day and this one is pretty long making players excited every day, I hope the Holiday Party will be the same, I love getting items for my penguin since today or tomorrow my membership is expiring and I will not get one until February! Well, it’s worth the wait, I can’t wait to experience being a non-member again! Sometimes it’s fun, you have to stick to free items they give, the free items fit perfect for me! I hate the wigs on the Penguin Style, they’re too big or too long! Anyway, thanks for reading my comment…waddle on and your blog rocks:]

    • Of course, I read all comments! I’m definitely excited for the Holiday Party, as it’s one of my top three favourite Club Penguin parties they have. I saw the reindeer antlers and it’s great to see CP isn’t ignoring Puffles and still making things for them. The Blackout was fun but I miss the interactivity like old PSA missions had.

  9. To those worrying that no comments are showing up here – do not worry, I have them all (over 200 already) under moderation. I’ll be going over them soon. :)

  10. It’s December already!! Only 24 more days for Christmas! Also, December 1st is the day the new president comes to power in Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. LOL everyone hates him.

  11. Hey train! I submitted a comment saying ‘Hi’ but I accidentlly put a k instead of @.

    So please accept this one and delete that other one. I hope this wont count as a duplicate comment!

  12. Hello Trainman! You’re very generous and friendly! I’ve never seen a FAMOUS PENGUIN to be so kind like this! You follow everyone on twitter who follows you, reply to everyone on twitter and I’ve never seen you talking rudely to someone or bragging. You don’t use club penguin codes which has bought by your OWN money, you gave it away and for that, HATS OFF to you :’D. I love your tweets so much! If someone give me option to follow you or official CP account, I’ll obviously choose to follow YOU! Okay, lets talk about Club Penguin memories (CPM). CPM will be 2 years old this December, right? :D My and CPM relationship is like you and Graser :p well jokes apart, CPM is very lucky to me! I’ve won one contest from 12 days of Christmas contest 2011 (Which is first time i won any raffle draw :’D) and 1 month membership (In May 2012). CPM is like Club Penguin news paper to me! I always check CPM and i really like your ‘On This Day In Club Penguin History’ posts! They help us gained some knowledge of Club Penguin history which we missed :'( I’M VERY THANKFUL TO YOU :’D WITHOUT YOU, CLUB PENGUIN IS NOTHING! You keep us up to date with CP news, exclusives and everything! I think this comment is going to big :o well, Trainman, keep up the good work and ALL THE BEST FOR 2013 :’D ….. Farewell! Oh and btw Club Penguin’s super hero is Trainman! ;-) K BYE.

  13. Really hope I win the code. This website is one of my favorites but it ook a while to see this because my computer lags.

  14. Dear trainman1405, you’re my biggest fan.
    Please could you send me a friend request to me and send me a postcard on club penguin. By the way I’m possum2001.

    I am entered now aren’t I?

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