Club Penguin Magazine Issue 12 – Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek!

The 12th magazine issue by Club Penguin is now for sale in the United Kingdom! Bloxxerman has supplied me with that is inside. eaj6

Here is what is in this month’s issue:

  • Rookie’s Tales: (Bloxxerman found it funny, here’s what it says:) “Check out this postcard I got! You think it’s true? Imagine all the spare hats I could buy! Um, at least 12? The postcard says: Dear penguin, Win 9,999,999,999,999 coins and 100 rainbow puffles! All you have to do is stop having parties, throwing snowballs, and anything else you might think is ‘fun’. Send this to five freinds. Signed, a friendly polar bear.
  • Rockhopper’s Tall Tales
  • C.P.T.V.
  • Fashion 4 U: New Year’s Party!
  • Invitation: CP Goes Prehistoric!
  • Penguin Comic: Runaway Sleigh!
  • Sensei’s Style File: Silly Santa
  • Penguins Uncovered: Rockhopper
  • Rockhopper’s Holiday Sea Shanties
  • Penguin Mission: Holiday Hijinks!
  • Competitions
  • Rookiepedia: B
  • Cool Cribs
  • Posters
  • Penguin Challenge: Cadence’s Contest!
  • Penguin Postcards
  • Penguin Challenge: Candy Capers!
  • Penguin Comic: Stowaways!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • V.I.P: Wasp125
  • Next Issue: Penguins are turning prehistoric! Free: Hunt for Fossils With Your Fossil Hunter Outfit, Treasure Book Item, Plus Club Penguin Backpack (Real Life). Inside… Royal Tea Fashions! Danger from the Deep! EPF Missions! Celebrity Penguins! 1,500 coins! Issue 13 on sale 10th January 2013!

Unlike past issues there is not a sneak peek of next month’s free item from the magazine. However, here are the sneak peeks it gives of the party!



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17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Issue 12 – Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek!

  1. Any ideas what the next exclusive set of items is going to be in the next issue? An unlockable magnifying glass would be cool (Detective trench coat Unlock would be a plus :P)

  2. Is it possible to somehow sign up forth is to come to the USA? I live in Alaska right next to Canada so you’d think they should have it in Canada where club penguin is stationed from and Alaska lol

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