Club Penguin Magazine In Argentina

For those of you living in Argentina, I have good news for you ! As you may recall, Club Penguin rolled out their magazine in Mexico back in September, and from what I have heard it’s now available in Argentina also!


The magazine comes with:

  • Free 7 day membership
  • Code to unlock the Club Shirt (shirt with Club Penguin logo)
  • Treasure book code
  • Codes to get 1,500 coins
  • 3 posters
  • Blank cards to build an igloo with some furniture items

Here’s a quick glimpse on the inside of it.



Very cool! I wonder if Club Penguin will continue to roll out their magazine to other countries in the future too?

Thanks for the information, Tadeonahuel!

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine In Argentina

  1. it’s because the USA get everything else.They get disney land,loads of club penguin toys,etc.What does the UK get.Hardley anything

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