Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Spoilers


Here is plenty of Holiday Party 2012 information. Don’t read this post if you don’t want it spoiled. Thanks to Azerty15!

From December 20 through January 2, Club Penguin players can explore an island full of Christmas gifts and initiatives and fun activities to do and share with other users:

  • Coins for Change: The sixth one, the global initiative of donated virtual coins to help with charitable causes around the world. To collect coins, users can perform a variety of activities, from organising benefit concerts in their igloos to play any of the mini games on the island. For the first time, players can see in real time how their currencies rise over the party and also the total amount of coins donated in the virtual world.
  • Famous penguins: Rockhopper, the dearest pirate, will visit the island and bring some cookies recipe very special, and will also present a complete catalog of exclusively themed objects.
  • Transformation of the players: They can bake cookies in the bakery, and then sell virtually to any user who momentarily transformed into a race car. In addition, friends will have the opportunity to become Puffles-frozen reindeer and penguins, who can become everything that has ice around him, including his friends.
  • Costumes and exclusive furniture for igloos: Children can dress up and be creative sets Christmas special items for members. In addition, there will be a new edition of the catalog “Sports and Snow”, with amazing sled costumes.
  • New facilities: There will be several exclusive rooms decorated with novel, such as the kingdom of ice in the spring, the banquet at the Pizzeria and the race track at the Gift Shop for penguins turned into cars, the battle of snowballs on the beach, and a play space for Puffle-reindeer in the forest.
  • Christmas Gift: All players who log between 20 and December 25 will receive virtual gifts including Christmas.Also, between 25 December and 2 January, they will award the arctic white colour to penguins, who have been eagerly awaiting, and there will be a special surprise exclusively for members. Also, those who help distribute gifts will receive special prizes.

36 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 Spoilers

  1. Too advanced, I liked it as it was with the advent calendar last year, now it’s creepy, I mean, Road Racers at Christmas? Seriously Club Penguin?

  2. No questions asked, I’m staying a reindeer-puffle. I’m obsessed with puffles since the puffle party – puffle addicts blood runs through my veins like GIANT RADIOACTIVE RUBBER SOCKS! The socks command me – DO IGNORE MY VEINS CLUB PENGUIN! Sorry, just had to do that, I’m also an Invader ZIM addict. XD

  3. Was this originally in a foreign language, it’s kinda weird to read, like poor translation, it takes a little interpretation to understand.

  4. Wher’d you find this? And is the Arctic White only availible during the holiday party? Plus, tomorrow is an important day for me. Can you guess it?

  5. Instead of red green and white for the holiday colors,it’s now blue and white!What an awesome holiday party..I got my membership ready

  6. Train! Exclusive news! If you used the Add Any Mascot post from October, and added Happy77 ( mascot, not moderator ) then click on her, and you’ll see her dressed up and a background button! This is not the moderator Happy77. You had to have used the Add Any Mascot trick. It’s no lie! Try it yourself!

  7. I just wish we had a NORMAL Christmas party, or Holiday Party, (whichever you want to call it). No transformations, no daily gifts, or anything fancy like that. I just wanted a party with lots of snow, Christmas trees, and other Christmas decorations with just a few free items. Thats the way I like it. :/

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