Better Late Than Never, The Contest Winners Are…

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve finally gone through the 1,500 remaining contest entries I had left. Overall I’ve received more than 3,000 contest entries from a few hundred penguins across the 24 days. That is huge. I’m sorry the winners are late. I kept saying the 25th and it should’ve been the 25th but lots of stuff has come up recently – projects, work, and school. Not so fun. Oh well. Rather than keeping you waiting, here are the 24 winners. Unlike last year I did not film the winners being chosen, however I can guarantee I did this fair and square – entries were printed out on paper and put into a box that I shuffled and randomly picked one out without looking.

  • Day 1, coin code – Happyblue1
  • Day 2, Card-Jitsu code – Eric703
  • Day 3, Card-Jitsu code – CPPromotorWE
  • Day 4, coin code – Gabriel
  • Day 5, Card-Jitsu code – Minhiscool
  • Day 6, Card-Jitsu code – IanBoy141
  • Day 7, 2 weeks of membership – BigBuny
  • Day 8, coin code – Crzypengu
  • Day 9, (Golden!) Card-Jitsu code – Shadow
  • Day 10, coin code – Pjmgpablo
  • Day 11, 2 weeks of membership – Bluerocket8
  • Day 12, Innocent Smoothies code – Amy 19987
  • Day 13, coin code – Mamu35
  • Day 14, Card-Jitsu code – Rriity
  • Day 15, Card-Jitsu code – Bluerocket8 (again!)
  • Day 16, coin code – i never won :(
  • Day 17, one week of membership – Kreator808
  • Day 18, coin code – Ramone14
  • Day 19, coin code – Oompaloompa
  • Day 20, 1 week of membership – Gergo777
  • Day 21, 2 weeks of membership – Alex
  • Day 22, coin code – Dhi228
  • Day 23, coin code – Alex
  • Day 24, Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge code – Ramone14

Congratulations to the winners! I apologise if you did not win, but don’t worry – I plan to have plenty of contests throughout 2013! Congratulations to all 21 of you who won something, since there were three people (Bluerocket8, Ramone14, and Alex1941) who won twice. Wow!

If you see your name there, check your email. I just opened the codes from the packaging they came in and sent it to you. :)

76 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never, The Contest Winners Are…

  1. Hi Trainman1405,

    Maybe for future reference it would be nice if each penguin could only win one code. Even if I won a few (which I didn’t) I would have liked to share the joy of winning with a few other people instead of have a few for myself. I know some people don’t mind winning a few but it makes it more enjoyable when more people win.

    That’s my thoughts but thanks anyway for having the contest and giving all of us a chance to win.


  2. You could’ve just used Microsoft excel and made a randomizer that selects a number from 0 to 1. And divided 1 by however many ppl entered… oh wait you have a Mac.

    ~Perapin :)

  3. Could you have code giveaways like the first day, you post codes and the first people to get it wins? Maybe for new years? I MUST GET AN INNOCENT SMOOTHIE CODE.

  4. I’m actually pretty contented even if I didn’t win because I already won two innocent smoothies :) One from Pochoma123 and the other from Oil999 :D

  5. Thanks Train. By the way, if im ever holding a party on Club Penguin, could i put an invitation in a comment like :
    Server: Tundra
    Time: etc…
    Thanks Train

  6. Hey Train!
    Do you think you could enter me in one of these contests, cuz’ I’m kind of new to this page and the contests?
    From 123go12

  7. Well I didn’t win anything… *sigh* I thought I would win a CJ Code at least, I got my hopes up a lot, but also, take in consideration that only 1 can win each code please, to make it more fair…

    Thanks Trainman for the code though, and for the fun actually also! You were very nice enough for it and I wish you a Happy New Year 2013! :-)


  8. I can’t believe, I participad or challenges evreday anda I don’t win :(
    And for me it was very hard, I am Brazilian, I have to translate with a translator.

  9. I entered all and you picked them! SAD ON ME! :( Why did you pick someone twise? Why not me! I got loads correct, just a few wrong! :(

  10. THANKS TRAINMAN1405 YOU ROCK!!! This is the first contest ever that I have won and this is a great start to have the new year. Also do you know when the next Treasure Book comes in?

    • Oops, I actually made a mistake. I confused you with another person named Alex who won, not you. I’m sorry. :-(

    • Hey Train, I won day 19 which is a coin code. I didn’t use it yet because I already have the max 1 million coins. I want to know if the coin code unlocks an item too? or just coins? If it only unlocks coins, then I don’t need it and you can give it to someone else.

      Also, how many coins does the code give? If it gives a lot, I might use it for my spare account.

  11. That ramone guy is so lucky he won twice and one time it’s the game code! But it’s new year so I’m not going to be a greedy grump!

  12. But I do agree with some people, change it so a person can win once, because I honestly think its not really fair if someone won more then once.

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