Be A Dinosaur At The Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek

According to what Spike Hike just tweeted, members will be able to turn into dinosaurs at the Prehistoric Party next month! Check out the sneak peek. We can be a triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex, and pterodactyl. It is unknown if nonmembers will be able to do anything at this time.


Awesome! It looks like Club Penguin is really enjoying letting us transform into different things, since we have been able to do this at the Puffle Party, Halloween Party, and Holiday Party this year.

29 thoughts on “Be A Dinosaur At The Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek

  1. Awesome! Sounds like LOADS of fun!! You are always SO fast at blogging the information!! Oh, and don’t forget we also could transform into puffles during the Puffle Party :)

  2. Wow, Club Penguin REALLY stepped up it’s game this past year with the party transformations, and I bet there’s only more awesomeness ahead. Goodbye 2012, by the way, the Mayan’s trolled us all for about 1,000 years with that exact phrase, let’s give them a little bit of credit for managing to pull off the longest prank in history, how about that, yea their in my hall of prankster’s, the bad one, now. Hello 2013 and you’re wonderfulness free of global-trolling and full of Club Penguin awesomeness! So when does the Dinosaur party start?

    • ME TOO!

      G.I.R: Mastah! Do you wanna let the entire blog know you like transforming!?

      *In stupid drunk-sounding voice* I DO!

  3. not all of us could transform before,you know?,i wonder if us “FREE” players can transform?,because every party is unfair sometimes mostly.
    – Shera54321

  4. Trainman, someone hacked my account and banned me for 72 hours. Do your parents get sent an email about it? I do NOT want them thinking that Im the one who banned it.

  5. Its actually not called a pterodactyl, its a pterosaur, the exact species is Pteranodon longiceps (Also pterosaurs are NOT dinosaurs). The other two are Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops horridus.

  6. some people hate cp because they cant swear..
    well, this game is for kids and kids may know some bad words ..but they cant say them. and what are they thinking wear to everyone? lol

  7. Hello trainman did you know that you cant throw snowballs at the ice palace iggy?I don’t know if it’s a glitch or there’s something wrong with my pc but anyways keep up the good work!

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