Club Penguin Operation Blackout Sneak Peek Video

Businesmoose finished the sneak peek video on Operation Blackout and posted it on Club Penguin’s blog! Here it is – it’s awesome, and I love the EPF music when they’re in the Command Room.

It looks like the island has been taken over with snow and Herbert! Here’s the Town:

Snow Forts: (and yes, they’re different looking!)


The Everyday Phoning Facility is the Everlasting Putrid Fire!

Good thing there’s a firetruck to spray water.

Inside the EPF:

The Command Room:

That’s all for the video – this looks absolutely epic!

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51 thoughts on “Club Penguin Operation Blackout Sneak Peek Video

  1. Great, the Everyday Phoning Facility lives, but the VR Room explodes! C’mon! I like the VR Room to see the old PSA HQ’s, anyways it looks freaking awesome! and it looks similar to the Christmas Party 2006 and 2008 because of the Town and Plaza, there were like some caves due to a snowstorm, looks like we will have another snowstorm, this might even turn my favorite party so far (Although its not a party)

      • GAH 10 MORE DAYS!? WHHYYYY I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!! I’m gonna use my iron man armor along with the mjolnir, shield or maybe the range finder, iron man armor or jetpack… idk, anyway i have several good gear combo’s of EPF gear and superhero gear that i’ve thrown together, like the tactical gear suit and shoes, along with fury’s eyepatch, the jetpack, iron man’s mask and cap’s shield, or the Mjolnir, stealth shoe’s, jetpack (jetpack is in all of them), cap’s hat, hawkeye’s visor/glasses, and iron man’s armor. Those are the only two combo idea’s i’m gonna list. I might just use the iron man armor if i can’t decide on one gear combo.

  2. :O One word: THAT IS SO AWRSOME I CANT WAIT TIL’ OPERATION BLACKOUT OMGFLUFFERGHTUEGFIRGEU I know that wasn’t one word, but one wouldn’t be enough. Can’t wait! :)

  3. Hey train! I just got home and did my post on this, and then realized that we have almost the exact same pictures after the video XD I guess great minds think alike? :)

      • OK that’s what I was hoping. I didn’t really want to try and use Java XD And how to you, monchocho, riffy, etc. Make all of your blog backgrounds? My problem is I can’t make backgrounds big enough to fit the entire screen without tiling…

        • The one I use on here is from Disney’s website. Monchocho and Riffy make them custom with graphics from CP and morph it together inside Photoshop or something.

  4. Awesome video! And Train if you pause the video between 0:43-0:45 (when Moose is spraying the water) you can see Herbert’s fortres!

  5. MWAHAHHAHAAH! Now you know how I feel! You know how YOU feel when you foil my plans! NOW I FEEL HOW I SLAVE YOU!

  6. Hmmm I think Herbert may of really taken over the island! But I’m sure he’ll fail like always. He may get close to destroying it but I know he wont. Club penguin just won’t do that unless they are doing an enormous update shorty after opperation black out. So I wouldn’t worry,but it’ll be a fun party I’m sure of it

  7. Theory: The snow that piles up after this party, I think, could be used for: a holiday party with a snowstorm, similar to 2006 and 2008; another festival of snow :P; a snow ice sculpture contest?! :P

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