Meet Rookie At 9:00 AM PST (October 2)

Here is your daily Rookie meetup time. Rookie will be on the French server ‘Mousqueton’ at 9:00 AM PST also known as or 18:00 (6:00 PM) in France.

17 thoughts on “Meet Rookie At 9:00 AM PST (October 2)

  1. This is the second time you have posted lies. Rookie was not on the French server yesterday or today, and will not be on any servers throught the Fair. His appearances are finished. You should stop posting garbage and the administator of this blog should ban you from posting. You are teasing children, and for that you should be banned.

      • In all due respect, I emailed support through my account for the kids. So it came from a Parent’s Master Account, and they denied you or anyone else received information about the French servers and Rookie yesterday or today. I read and speak French and there was no mention of this today or yesterday on the French master server for the login servers. You should really stop leading kids on with this kind of information. You have a GREAT blog. Why screw it up with bogus things like this. And if you are not sure, simply email Club Penguin Support directly.

      • Dude, I just met him this morning, exactly when Trainman said he’d be on, exactly where he said he’d be on. There were no lies!

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