Operation Blackout Sneak Peek From Spike Hike

Spike Hike from the Club Penguin Team has jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon, already interacting with penguins who talk to him. Along with that he has also posted the following sneak peek image relating to Operation Blackout. He said the EPF sent him it from their security footage. If you take a look, you can spot Herbert.

49 thoughts on “Operation Blackout Sneak Peek From Spike Hike

  1. once we spot gary captured it will show i video on cp or we have to wait for the vid then we find the others then we meet the director to save them all cuase in the note it said the dirctor??? so thats how the director will become a mascot! What do you think Trainman1405?

  2. Wow! I know what will happen in this part:

    Gary: Hmmm… This is impossible! The Cactus Manius plant is amazing!
    Computer: ALERT! ALERT! Someone is on the general computer! BZZZZK!
    Door: *BREAKS*
    Gary: What’s goin’ on??? OMG! HERBERT?
    Herbert: You’ll come with me fool agent!
    Gary: NEVER!!
    Herbert: *hits Gary’s glasshes*
    Gary: OMG!
    Herbert: *catches G’s flipper* *get him on the helicopter*
    Gary: *presses danger button*

    Also G is the 1th on Herbert’s Capture list
    What do you think Trainman?

  3. Wow Mario Had A Good Eye there is a cactus!!! in the pin on the left side little bit in the middle its hard to see classe are kinda covering it but i dont think he will say OMG! and mostly the gary parts i dont think. but herbert may have captured gary and took him

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