Meet Gary on Jack Frost

UPDATE: This is now over.

Club Penguin is currently having a meetup on Club Penguin where you can meet Gary! The server is Jack Frost. I will update this post when he has left the server.

23 thoughts on “Meet Gary on Jack Frost

  1. My personal opinion on the new room designs: Gary said in the Club Penguin Times he is workinh with something to affect the time space continium. Perhaps when we back in time, we do something to the island to make the rooms different! That could mean Club penguin would always have had those rooms and the others don’t exist. But wait! If Club Penguin Rooms never existed the way they did before the pins we have now also dont exist. What do you think, Trainman?

  2. So how do you think Club Penguin implements the # of likes on our igloo into the results? And are they counting the total # on your igloo now, or the total # since the Halloween Party started?

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