On This Day In Club Penguin History – October 29

On October 29th in Club Penguin’s past there were two updates on two different years, but both updates were the same sort of update – that month’s party, the Halloween Party! On October 29th in both 2008 and 2010 Club Penguin’s yearly Halloween Party was released.

Starting with the 2008 Halloween Party, it was similar ot the previous one in 2007. There were the same decorations (for the most part) and even a scavenger hunt again, however instead of the Halloween Scarf being the prize like it was in 2007, the prize was a background. Night of the Living Sled 2 made its first appearance at this party.

As for the 2010 Halloween Party, it was Club Penguin’s 6th Halloween Party and once again there was a scavenger hunt. You had to find eight pieces of candy around the island for a prize. Members could access the Haunted House and Dark Chamber rooms. Gary waddled around the island at this party and those who met him could obtain the new background he was giving out.

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      • AWESOME NEWS TRAIN!!! CP is coming out on lego! If it gets 10,000 supporters, they will release a lego model of the Town Centre – with a working, light-up dance floor in the dance club, an actual conveyor belt for smoothie smash in the coffee shop and the shelves with rare items and a catwalk in the clothes shop! It is the new version of the town too!

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