Will Club Penguin’s New Mascot Be Herbert? [Exclusive]

As you might recall me posting the other day, Club Penguin hinted that there will be a new mascot soon on Twitter. So what got added to Club Penguin’s files when they updated? They added penguin ids for Herbert – two.

Is this a coincidence, or will he be meetable? Will Operation Blackout be coming soon? What about the ID Club Penguin added for Protobot back in the Spring? Hmm?

24 thoughts on “Will Club Penguin’s New Mascot Be Herbert? [Exclusive]

  1. NO NO NO….this is impossible! The only way for us to meet herbert is for him to be on the island…is club penguin and herbert becoming friends

  2. So if we ever capture Herbert… Who do we fight after thst? We all know that CP has it’s domain until 2020, so what do we do for the next 8 years? I have a feeling CP is going to be very interesting…

  3. Maybe Operation: Black Out will come in November? It’d make sense, since rumors have been a float since last year that Shadow Ninjas would be involved with the Black Out, and with all the hints about Snow and shadow, it’s entirely possible.

    And then don’t forget that old Black Out message with Herbert mentioning “attacking the Lighthouse on a Thursday”. I still don’t know why that message is still floating around their files, though..:S

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