On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 11

There were quite a few updates on this day in September 2009. The Fair had been going on for a few days already, so new prizes were added to the booth like usual. They were the Stripey Hat, Curly Mustache, and Snack Stand, a furniture item. Fun fact, I was the first to leak/find out/give bloggers the sneak peek image shown below of the clothing items before they were released but never got credit, as you can see Club Penguin CP (and other sites) stole the image that’s below and watermarked it and claimed it as their own. I’m stealing it back for this post because you were nice enough to “archive” my image. Your move, Chrisdog93. :3

Update: Ooo, I found the original.

A new pin was hidden, the 101 Days of Fun Pin. It was located in the Pizza Parlour. Also, The Penguins That Time Forgot was at the Stage for the second time. It was first there in June 2008. The Book Room Writing Contest Penguin Tales (Volume 3) Book was added to the Bookshelf in the Book Room after a few months of first being mentioned in the newspaper for submissions. There was also a mysterious Black Puffle at the Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, Forest, and Ski Village. It was a dubbed to be a Ninja Puffle. Finally, the postcard catalogue was also updated.

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30 thoughts on “On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 11

  1. Sucks that happened, man. I remember something similar back in 2009 when Chrisdog93 stole the Amulet images from Saraapril before it was released.

  2. [filtered word] you Train, I steal pictures from every [filtered word] person who blogs. So [filtered word] what. I take stuff from that [filtered word], Saraapril, and you! I know I don’t deserve hits, but all these [filtered word] people keep visiting my site! All it I post is stuff copied from really good bloggers like you,

    [filtered word], CD,
    Trainmans biggest [filtered word] fan.

      • teehee

        Seriously though, you might wanna have a ‘talk’ with Chris Dog.

        And PS, not to be mean or anything, it’s pretty easy to steal your pcs. You barely watermark any exclusive pics you get! Watermark them. Also, like on Saraaprils blog, make it so that you can’t right-click, and can’t copy a picture.

  3. Ikr that is why i hate the crap of CPCP, there was even whiners because i was insulting their site when i gave you the photo of the “Supposed to be Olympic Games 2012” But then i left leaving up like this, now, to ALL of those people who believed in CPCP than me, then CPCP found the photo 1st than anyone else ;-) Now go and kill all of their members (Except Trainman1405) ;) (Sadly none is even furious with them, but still, the whiners should start looking for other blogs instead of the disgrace of the Internet…CPCP

  4. (Continued)…hehehe) Now I hope the biggest fans would be furious with Chrisdog, (Or ChrisHOG) so that would stop the bad habit of stealing, man, ChrisHOG’S Parents used their money for ChrisHOG’S blog… they should had used the treasure to buy a car (Wow, Caldog9, the dude who stole the photo the other day, said he didn’t stole it, what a jerk) ;) (There was a big fan that was whining that i should like CPCP and that stuff, that Caldog9 is in his friends, LOL, I BET CALDOG9 WOULD DELETE HIM FROM HIS FRIENDS AND ALL OF THEM) BTW I don’t want to offend those people, Chrisdog, you WERE my idol, but you disappointed me, now my idols are, Saraapril, Trainman1405 (You!) and my friend Icequix.

    • I’ll reply pretty late so that nobody can actually see this comment..
      I didn’t steal the image, hence it did not have watermarks on it, and hence I posted the link where I found it. It was at http://www.themindstudio.com/clubpenguin.html and
      http://www.themindstudio.com/clubpenguin2.html – and you know that, because we were commenting on the CPCP post 179 days ago.

      2012/07/01/club-penguin-august-2012-party-exclusive/comment-page-1/#comments – you went quiet when I gave you proof. Anywho, I guess and hope nobody will ever read this :P Apart from maybe Train, seeing as he can see them all from wp-dashboard…

      I actually credit people when it is called for, but sometimes it isn’t.

    • Oh and by the way, my buddy list is full and will be staying that way until people leave so I can remove them. So no, I won’t just delete people if they’re still active.

  5. Continued… (YET AGAIN) Like i said, my idols are Saraapril, You train and Icequix, I mean, CPCP does give a crap to his fans, you listen to us, you make interesting posts, i even check out this blog more than 1 time to see what’s up

    • Yes, I try to keep readers occupied outside of Club Penguin’s main updates. Plus I enjoy writing/blogging, it’s a lot of fun. I love hearing from you all. :-)

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