No, This Isn’t Cadence’s Unreleased Background [Explanation]

Lately rumours have been flying around the Club Penguin Community over the past few days to a week that this is Cadence’s unreleased background. Guess what? It isn’t.

I know for a fact (and so does Saraapril, I recall her making a post about it but that’s not where I got the information from) that this was supposed to be her playercard – you know, when you click on a penguin and see their outfit. That. It was supposed to be this, but for whatever reason Club Penguin didn’t change it, they left it at what it has been for a while now.

Unless Club Penguin changed or changes their mind in the future, you won’t be seeing this as a giveaway mascot background. Just wanted to clear that up.

14 thoughts on “No, This Isn’t Cadence’s Unreleased Background [Explanation]

  1. Now that I can see the entire picture I agree with you if there was a penguin right by cadence on that picture it would block aughtograph. Now this is where I disagree with you I just cant see that being cadences player card cause the penguin or mascot penguin on the player card is usaully in the middle cadence is a little to far to the right so I can see why some poeple would think this is a back ground

  2. I never thought it was her autograph because it didn’t seem like it would :P It looked to me like a possible player card for her during the Ultimate Jam because of the fact she was making “the Party Starts Now” and she’s in front of a mic. :P

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