New Green Puffle Coming Soon?

Miniclip’s Club Penguin icon shows a different coloured green Puffle. It doesn’t necessarily mean a new shade of Green Puffle is on the way, it could just be how the image came out when saved.

Club Penguin Puffle

Comparing the Miniclip icon Puffle and the actual Green Puffle colour, there’s definitely a shade difference. New Puffle coming soon or no?

Thanks Pj Monster 1!

42 thoughts on “New Green Puffle Coming Soon?

  1. It could just be the way it printed out – I remember back in an old May 2010 newspaper there was a puffle in an image that was more Aqua than Blue, but it was still technically Blue.

  2. It’s ‘supposed’ to be yellow, I think. Isn’t there always a yellow puffle on that penguin’s shoulder? He’s wearing painter overalls. Maybe it came out wrong.

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  4. It is yellow, it must have got greeny when saved or got greeny when shrunk and then enlarged. Mini clip isn’t Official CP, so. Or it is just edited by mini clip to make CP look good

  5. The puffle is supposed to be yellow, like in previous pictures like that. I think this was just a coloring mistake, and that no new puffle is coming anytime soon IN MY OPINION.

  6. Its not really considered a new “color”. MiniClip had that image a year ago. Probably made a mistake when they did the shading.

  7. I think this new puffle might come during the fall fair. It doesnt have to be the puffle party.In the newspaper there is a lot of puffles helping with the construction. we found the brown puffle during the Wilderness Expedition Party.

  8. the penguin is wearing the painting outfit and yellow puffles love painting and art so i think its yellow but the light affect makes it look lime green

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