Club Penguin Fair 2012 Blue Green Clown Wig Item Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming Club Penguin item, a new clown wig. I do not know the name of it, so for now I am going to refer to it as the Blue Green Clown Wig. I do not know if it will be for nonmembers or not, but I don’t think so. This item will be at the Fair’s ticket booth.

In the new login screen and log off screen for The Fair you can see two other unreleased items – the Blue Hat/Hair Combo and Aqua Balloon.

The Club Penguin Fair starts on September 20th. Rookie will be waddling around helping out, and it’s also possible that PH, Club Penguin’s Puffle Handler, will be at the party. At this time the details of this party are scarce.

Thanks for bringing the wig to my attention, Tigerkid1245!

34 thoughts on “Club Penguin Fair 2012 Blue Green Clown Wig Item Sneak Peek

  1. Train! Guess what? Do you know the website ClubpenguinFactz? well, I am the new administrator of the website! Please check it out!

  2. Hey, uh Trainman, i have a question… i’ve been looking forever but I can’t find it. Do you happen to know how to get your Puffle back to full health bars. I can only find the old ways, and not the new way…I thought a expert like you might be able to help and know. Thanks again. :)

    • Apple/Carrot/Puffle O’s, then play with the super toy it has or walk it, then give a bath(because the brush only goes up a bit) and finally, put to sleep and voila! If anything more is needed repeat the thing again, it lasts a month before I run out of stuff

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