Club Penguin Multi Login Cheat 2012

As you have probably tried in the past, you opened two Club Penguin windows or tabs on the same computer and got an orange message saying you can only have one Club Penguin window open. That is true, however there is a bug where you can bypass this! As you can see, I have two Club Penguin windows open side by side on the same computer and am controlling both penguins.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Log in to Club Penguin from an internet browser (I used Google Chrome)
  2. Log in to Club Penguin in Internet Explorer (I used Internet Explorer 8, so results may vary)
  3. That’s it!

Update: This worked in Chrome and Firefox for me.

Thanks @CpFent!

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Multi Login Cheat 2012

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  2. Wow, thanks! I tried this and I said Im on both of these penguins (on both penguins) and the other guy said akward. This is cool! I ALSO FOUND A BUG! On the club penguin home page rockhopper’s ship is floating in the air. Sorry for the long message lol

  3. How can you use Google Chrome – it is made by Google, the company who STOLE so much from YOUR favorite company Apple!

    I no longer use Gmail, google search, google chrome, google maps, google nothing! You should too. You have shamed the Apple community.

      • @Trainman1405
        So they’re not you’re favourite? Who is your favorite company then.

        If you don’t say Apple, you’ve lost a loyal fan.

        • @Trainman1405
          If it isn’t clear to you how much companies like Google and Samsung have ripped off of Apple, then… no words….

          I bet you’re just saying you don’t have a favorite company, just not to make the fandroids here mad (so that they don’t leave which will cause you to have less hits/money).

          So I guess you own a bunch of Apple products, and are always on 9to5mac even though Apple isn’t your favorite?

        • @Trainman1405
          If it isn’t clear to you how much companies like Google and Samsung have ripped off of Apple then, no words….

          I bet you’re just saying that you don’t have a favorite because if you said you liked Apple, all the fandroids would be mad and stop visiting this site (less hits/money)

          So you just happen to have Apple products, like their products, and are always on a site about Apple (9to5mac) even though apparently Apple isn’t your favorite?

          • For physical devices I use Apple stuff, for web stuff I use Google. There’s no rule saying I can or can’t. I follow 9to5google too, 9to5mac’s other website.

            I have no need for a phone in general, and I already have a tablet (HP Touchpad) so what would I buy from Google? Google makes no music player (excluding phones) and I had a tablet before Google came out with theirs.

            And I hardly make money from blogging. It’s up to the viewers who decide if they want to visit or not, I say what I want.

        • 1) 9to5Google is not “9to5Macs other site.” They are sister sites, which is different.
          2) All android devices should be considered Google devices too, not just nexus devices (because nexus devices aren’t made by Google either). So Google DID have a tablet before the HP touchpad (which BTW, sucks) and they DO have music players.
          3) A seventeen-year-old blogs about a CHILDRENS site for fun and not for money? — lol, yeah right.

          P.S., ba-bye. You lost a loyal fan. There’s a website waiting for me XD


          P.P.S, I bet you won’t even allow this comment on the site because I hurt your little feelings.

          • 9to5mac and 9to5google are run by the same group of 5 or so bloggers. It’s their other site/sister site. Both mean the same thing.

            Either way, I have no need for a cell phone. Never owned one and probably won’t for a few years.

            I got the TouchPad only because it was so cheap. ($99)

            I run more non-Club Penguin blogs than Club Penguin Blogs. I enjoy helping others with the game, and there are other bloggers who are older than me – one CP blogger being at least double the age of seventeen. Maybe triple. And either way, Monchocho is only a year or so younger than me. :P

            That’s fine if you leave, I have no reason to hold you or anybody else back.

    • how did they copy apple? I mean okay the nexxus 7 is basically an iPad… but apple didn’t really invent the tablet, other companies had similar ideas before it was released

      • 2007: Apple re-invents the phone. Google throws out the old blackberry-like OS and starts from scratch on a new touch OS, just like iPhone.
        2010: Apple re-invents the tablet. Yes, tablets did exist before, but this was completely different. It had a DEDICATED os, and was a new era for tablets. Google slavishly copies,

        Don’t even get me started on Samesung,

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