Club Penguin Discussion: Old Puffle Design & System Or New Design & System

As promised, here is the next Club Penguin discussion. This one was suggested by Phineas99. It has to do with Puffles. 2011 was definitely the year of the Puffle on Club Penguin – a new Pet Shop, new Brown Puffle, Puffle Launch, Pufflescape, Puffle Hats, a new Puffle look, and more.

All throughout last year Club Penguin released a lot of major Puffle updates. Previously caring for your Puffle was basic from 2006 – 2011. You could adopt a Puffle, give it a name, and take care of it. Back in 2006 when Puffles came out you could feed them and bathe them – and back then others in your igloo could click on them and view their buddy’s Puffle name too. The ability to walk your Puffle was added in the end of September 2006. From there nothing really much happened with Puffles – the Purple Puffle was added in August 2006, the Red Puffle in December 2006, the Yellow in November 2007, and so forth with other colours such as White. From then on nothing much else was done Puffle related (aside from My Puffle Paint By Letters which was removed back in June and the Puffle Rescue game)

Then last year, we got a whole new Pet Shop design. (click here to see old versions) We also got a whole new adoption way – previously you looked through a catalogue, clicked buy, and paid the 800 coins. (see this page to view what the catalogues looked like) There were no adoption certificates like there are now. Sure, change is nice. Everyone has their own opinions on it.

The Pet Shop redesign and new Puffle Adoption (and Puffle Adoption Handbook) were just the beginning though. There was the new Puffle Launch game (with a mobile version towards the end of the year) and also the Pufflescape game towards the very end of 2011. Puffle Hats were also introduced, the Puffle playercards were ditched for the current system to take care of Puffles, the way Puffles look was changed, and there was also the Puffle Handler and notifications in game when your Puffle needed to be fed. (none of this was in a particular order by the way, I was just naming it as it came to mind. It’s midnight yay.)

By the way, Screenhog never posted his part three of Puffle History on the Club Penguin Blog like he said he would…over a year and a half ago. :P

So with all of that said…do you like all the current Puffle features or the basic Puffle features we had prior to all of the updates in 2011? Vote in the poll below like usual and we can discuss it in the comments too. :)

Do you like the old Puffle design/system or the new Puffle design/system?

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By the way: I mentioned the word Puffle more than fifty times in this post. :D (I need to stop writing posts in the middle of the night…don’t stay up late, kids! An early bedtime makes your school grades shine)

27 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Old Puffle Design & System Or New Design & System

  1. Correction: bathing puffles didn’t exist since always. I’m pretty sure it was added later. 2007 if I’m not mistaken… Plus, the super toys were also added later, with the red puffle I think?
    Anyway I’ll continue reading the post and share my opinion later. :P

  2. Honestly, I love the new puffle system. It’s so cool, with the puffle quiz, and new games, and I like the notifications cause now i remember “Yup, gotta feed Rocket”. The only thing I don’t like are pookies, but CP can’t do anything about that.

  3. Although I was so used to the old one and it was more traditional, I got to say I love the new one.

    And I think the reason Screenhog never posted part 3 is because he left Club Penguin at that time.

  4. How about you do a discussion about Club Penguin parties? Y’know, The current parties, the old parties, and the advertising parties. Y’know what I mean. There is quite a difference!

  5. I think that parts from the old days where better, like we could see other’s puffle, their player cards where smaller so you could do other things while viewing your puffle, fluffier hair and the fact that they had more animations viewable to everyone, and most of the new features are cool, like hats, tickling and more food. So, if we merged them together, it could go cooler.

  6. Both have their pros and cons, but overall, I prefer the new system and designs.

    What I LIKE about the OLD design: I liked the spikey fur, even though the new one looks better. Just because I miss it. I liked how simple feeding your puffle was. Now you have to wait until the window opens, feed him, close the giant window, etc. I think it’d be a good idea to have arrows in the puffle player cards that would show the next puffle. That would make feeding A LOT easier. We wouldn’t need to chase them around to click on them.

    What I DON’T LIKE about the OLD design: The pet shop wasn’t that cool (but it looked more realistic than the current one, though), no puffle hats, less actions.

    What I LIKE about the NEW design: cool Pet Shop, better puffle design, better feeding design, better way of adopting a puffle, notifications of hungry puffles.

    What I DON’T LIKE about the NEW design: feeding puffles is slower, and puffle postcards. If I already have my puffles telling me they’re hungry with notifications, I DO NOT NEED THEM SPAMMING MY MAILBOX!

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