Club Penguin Blog: The Epic Official Guide

Happy77 has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog! It was announced to us that theĀ Epic Official Guide to Club Penguin book will be available in stores across the United States and Canada starting this Thursday. (August 16th)

Unlocking this book will also allow you to unlock the Expedition Backpack.

The following page has been updated:

33 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: The Epic Official Guide

  1. since when did their books always come with a special item to lock online? all i ever got was the book (hand item) and some coins?

    is the expedition backpack code reusable?

  2. Hmm Can we unlock the Expedition Backpack with the words of the book or is it a code like FH45754Y that only one penguin can use it?

  3. Hey Train, remember the last years guide? Remember it had an unreleased room in it– the community centre! I wonder if this will have new things like that.

    • Probably stores like Toys R Us or a book store. You can always email Club Penguin Support and they will be more than happy to help you.

  4. train, could you add me? I’ve been sending you requests for months, have you been declining them or do you just get too many you don’t look at all of them? because I really want to meet you sometime (in CP, i’m not a weirdo)

    • No, I don’t decline them. My list is full (499/500 so I can still receive requests) and does not work if I send people requests. Here and there I clean out my buddy list, deleting penguins that have not been on in a while, and then accept requests that have been pending for months. Your name is on that list, it might just be a while until I get to add you though!

  5. So what’s the book where you unlock the hazard suit (forgot the name, something like epic official 2012) about? I thought that was a guide too. And sadly, they stopped selling new cp stuff where I live. It’s just not popular here anymore. :(

  6. I bought my that book last week at It was already online on their store sooo…. I got the book. Oh and also it is by word. Not code. :)

  7. I think that has happened to me too fishandfries! my target doesnt have the plushies i buy, and toys r us doesnt order any new plushies.. what happened??

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