Club Penguin Anchors Aweigh Song Now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and Spotify

The new Club Penguin song Anchors Aweigh, by the Penguin Band, is now on iTunes for certain countries. Depending on your currency/country the price will range a little bit. Right now the song is out in the United Kingdom and all(?) of Europe. I can’t buy it myself since it isn’t available in my country yet, but people in countries such as Ireland or England can.

Club Penguin Anchors Aweigh

Links to purchase the song are at the bottom of the post. Remember, the song will not be out for Australia, Canada, or the United States until tomorrow on August 28th. The song will be available for purchase in Mexico and Latin America starting September 4th, in roughly another week. If Amazon has another promotion that can be used to get this song for free like they did when The Party Starts Now I will definitely post about it.

Remember, it is illegal to download (or upload so others can download it) this song for free because it is copyrighted. If you cannot purchase this song because you’re not allowed or do not have the money, I’m sure Club Penguin will upload the full version to their YouTube Channel in the near future in high quality when they release the accompanying video for the song. You’ll just then be able to listen to it there. That, or maybe it will be on Spotify just like The Party Starts Now is.

Now for a little history/factual information. Anchors Aweigh is Club Penguin’s second official song that you can download, the first one being The Party Starts Now. This song was released last month to go along with the Ultimate Jam party. The Party Starts Now has a music video, ringtone, and actual song available to purchase.

I’m sure Club Penguin has a third song in the pipeline – which mascot do you think will be singing it? Maybe a random song from Rookie? A song about Puffles from PH the Puffle Handler? A song about inventions by Gary? Or maybe I’m wrong, and Club Penguin is just having their musical mascots (just Cadence and the Penguin Band) sing. I’m sure we’ll know their plans at some point.

Here are all the links to purchase Anchors Aweigh:

4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Anchors Aweigh Song Now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and Spotify

  1. If they continue the pattern they began with The Ultimate Jam, they may start releasing one for every party, every month until they have used up all the mascots and would take a break for a while. If they have the same parties they had last year it might look like this:

    The Fair (September) – As was said in the blog post, possibly PH or Rookie talking about there respective topics (Rookie’s being secret agent stuff or pranks/jokes possibly?).

    The Halloween Party (October)- Since they would most likely not do one for the Anniversary Party, they would probably skip to Halloween. Gary or Herbert would probably be the most likely candidates to be in this song since Gary usually comes during this party and Herbert is the closest to “scary” of all the mascots. Gary would probably sing about his inventions, mathematical equations, or stuff going on during the Halloween party. Meanwhile, Herbert might sing about his evil plots.

    Card Jitsu Party?/Card Jitsu Snow? (November)- Assumming that the tradition of something happening in November that pertains to Ninjas in November continues, Sensei would sing. I would guess that what he would sing about would be how to be a good ninja or something like that.

    The Holiday Party (December) While Anchors Aweigh is all about him, Rockhopper, who usually comes to this party, does not sing in it so he could sing his own song. The most logical guess is it would be a sea shanty which would probably protain to his adventures or the holidays. Aunt Arctic, who also comes during the Holiday Party most of the time, could sing about the holidays or literature if she were to get her own song.

    Sorry if that was long winded but I thought that it was valid to theorize that point.

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