The Party Starts Now is For Sale, Get It FREE On Amazon (Legally)

As promised by Club Penguin, The Party Starts Now is available to purchase! The two and a half minute song by Cadence costs $1.29 in United States Currency. You can purchase it from iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Play.

Here are the links to the song on the different services:

You can also stream it for free on Spotify.

If any Club Penguin Players offer you a link to download it for free, don’t download it. Purchase it. Downloading copyrighted material (music, movies, tv shows, software, etc) for free is illegal.

However, there is one legal way you can get it for free – this is a temporary offer by Amazon and you need to live in the United States for it to work. It’s legal because you’re using their service and not a shady free downloads website. You just need an Amazon account. Simply go to this link, redeem the $2 song credit, and purchase the song off Amazon. Instead of being charged Amazon’s price of $0.99 for the song the $2 credit is used and you get to download it for free. Enjoy!

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  1. The problem here with illegal downloads, is that the US restriction encourage all penguin users outside of the US to do just that.

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