Sorry about all of the downtime! (we should be good now)

UPDATE: Everything is in working order now. If you find anything wrong, let me know!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to apologise for the downtime across almost all of my websites. They were down for about a day and a half. Tech163, Loki Terry, and I are all working to resolve the issue where my sites keep crashing and being down for what is usually long periods of time.

In the meantime a few things are disabled as you’ve probably noticed. Things like page and post rating, fancy image viewing on pages, and more are temporarily disabled. They will be back once the site is fully restored. (nothing was lost, don’t worry!)

More awesome content is on the way. Stay frosty! :)


Also, a note to the tracking team – trackers are disabled due to this, but they will be back soon.

12 thoughts on “Sorry about all of the downtime! (we should be good now)

  1. train, please don’t let this happen again, I was thinking one of the world’s best CP blogs was gone forever ):

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