The Party Starts Now – Music Video Now on iTunes!

In addition to being able to purchase The Party Starts Now song and its ringtone from iTunes, you can now also purchase the official music video for $1.99. (prices will most likely vary across currencies) This is the music video that is on Club Penguin’s YouTube Channel, the only difference is you can download a copy to own for a small fee.

Have you purchased The Party Starts Now in any form?

12 thoughts on “The Party Starts Now – Music Video Now on iTunes!

  1. Hey Trainman, I have a problem. If I use Mozilla Firefox, your “Sorry about all the downtime” post and this post i’m commenting on right now doesn’t appear. I’m using Safari right now, and the posts show, but I like Firefox better :) Anyways, do you have any solution of why there not appearing? (I tried clearing my cache and cookies and it didn’t work)

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into this. It might just be a temporary issue due to the website moving to a different host. Either email me or comment again in a few days if it’s still happening, although by Monday (Tuesday at the latest) everything though be 100% again.

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