Club Penguin May 2012 Magazine Cover Sneak Peek!/SupportAtCP/status/196886656278728704/

As tweeted by Club Penguin Support earlier this morning, here is a sneak peek image of their May magazine issue. This will be the fourth issue of it. It’s the party issue, and will be out where sold in the United Kingdom on May 3rd. Like usual I will post the table of contents and anything worthy of mentioning. :)

27 thoughts on “Club Penguin May 2012 Magazine Cover Sneak Peek

  1. Yeah i am 100% sure about it that the 2 free items from that magazine will be the Major Tunage shirt and the White Electro Shirt.
    They are both cool

  2. The two items are just one treasure book item of your choice and a new item (as shown on the cover).
    This looks awesome and I can’t wait to get it! Though I wonder what the June edition of the magazine will look like….
    Guess we’ll need to wait and see ;)

    • Hi,fuzzy117
      U could be right about that. By the way ( BTW ) i think that the item that the Grey penguin is wearing is called “the Major Tunage Shirt” :).
      And i also think that if the ” major tunage shirt” is going to be released at this 4th edition of the uk magazine then the “White electro shirt” will be released in the 5th edition .

  3. i think it completely stupid that the UK get the new and better items! i wish they could ship the magazines to the USA, the thing is Canada makes the most club penguin products so y cant Canada make the magazines, the UK gets the same amount of items that the usa does which is unfair. -mattie599

    • Yes I actually already read that – I got an automatic email notification about it and will be publishing the story soon. :-)

  4. That’s actually the sneak peek for the next one, not the actual one. It was in April magazine. Now you may think I’m from the uk, but I’m actually from the us. I got the magazine! I can’t say links, but you can buy it online for $10.

  5. I posted a comment on the most recent CP video, asking about the lavender colour.
    If they respond, I’ll post what’s said

  6. I think the having this mag in only the UK is good, why? Because we in the UK never get any special CP promotions or events, I think the magazine makes up for that by a lot. ;)

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