Club Penguin May 2012 Furniture Catalogue Accidentally Released – Here Are The New Cheats!

As pointed out to me by Phineas99, Magicguy216, Icequix, and Saraapril, the May 2012 Furniture Catalogue has been released in the Spanish servers a week early on accident! While next week I’ll be posting the hidden items, I do have the new ones ahead of time. You can purchase these new items, however they will appear as blank spots in your inventory for the time being until it’s released next week.

Click the shield of the Arbusto de caballero (Knightly Shrubbery) for the Elegant Plants, which costs 350 coins. (old item)

Click the Bandera del Bosque de hadas (Fairy Woods Flag) Columpio de vid, which costs 350 coins. (Vine Swing)

Click the Fuente para pedir deseos (Wishing Well) for the Portaarmaduras, which costs 500 coins. (Armor Rack)

Here are the new pages, obviously in Spanish.

What an elegant catalogue! If you’re looking for all the new item names (ones not returning) check out this post. They’re in English, too.

Note: This has also been posted on my Club Penguin Bugs website.

14 thoughts on “Club Penguin May 2012 Furniture Catalogue Accidentally Released – Here Are The New Cheats!

  1. About the sword and that slingshot.
    The slingshot is like that Goliat story ( the small little guy defeats a Huge guy with just a rock ) .
    The sword will have ( that’s my theorie ) a special power like a power to create a lighting storm or sometinge.

    PS : clubpenguin removed the Igloo catalog on the spanish servers.

  2. PLEASE READ ALL! Scorn, the Dragon King has left Medieval CP (which is in 5 kindoms, the Sky Kingdom, Fairy Forest, Royal, Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom and Village Kindom, hence the flags in the catalog!) in ruins, and that sword will be called the Thunder Blade! We need it to defeat Scorn and his army to reclaim the Sky Kingdom! It must be the Sky Kingdom because in the Newspaper upcoming events it’s above clouds on a mountain! It shows this on the Heroes Needed Homepage too! REMEMBER: ALL THIS IS ONLY MY THEORY AFTER CLUES I HAVE TAKEN IN, I HOPE IT COMES TRUE!

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