Martial Artworks Catalogue Added To Map

Here’s a small update to the Club Penguin Map that was pointed out me. Previous the Martial Artworks catalogue was not listed on the map, as I posted about on my Club Penguin Bugs website back in December 2011. That’s now changed!

Just open the Club Penguin Map and click the ‘shops’ button for the different catalogues around the island to appear.

Thanks Penguiin23!

13 thoughts on “Martial Artworks Catalogue Added To Map

  1. When you open Gary’s playercard from your friend’s list, you get his old one! Give credit to me.

  2. I don’t know if I mentioned this here already, but in Quest 1, at the final room where the armor is, there are dojo puffles and I can recall it was snowing there.. Sign of CJS. Plus, the post about unlockable items was sort of like Card-Jitsu themed. The CP Magazine should give us more clues.

    • The end room in Knights Quest 1 has been the same for years, even before Card Jitsu Fire, so I would doubt its a clue that is that old

  3. eu gosto muito do club penguin,mas eu nao gosto muito de quem não é assinante não poder derrotar o dragao de fogo

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