Community Blog: Featured Igloos (May 16th)

Last week Happy77 asked for some medieval-themed castles last week, and here are three of them!

Flappy Scoot said:

My friend Agentplumpy has a great medieval igloo! It has dragons, a castle place and more! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!

Egghead11223 said:

My friend Squid1199 has an AMAZING and AWESOME igloo! It’s like the best igloo I’ve ever seen u should check it out!!!

Evabeatrice said:

Please check out my best friend Oxnard09’s igloo. She is always changing up her igloo designs and right now her igloo looks like a Medieval Feast! Even her puffles look like they are from the medieval times. It looks like she put a lot of work into it and it looks awesome! Waddle on CP!

Happy77 is looking for more medieval themed castles.

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2 thoughts on “Community Blog: Featured Igloos (May 16th)

  1. I dont get it why Club Penguin Magazine really shows cool igloos! These are so bad, just like some 7 year old designed some …. like that!
    Oxnard09 is only proper igloo of those 3. Uh, y u no create a proper igloo!?!

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