Gary’s New Medieval Party 2012 Background Picture

Here’s an apparent picture of Gary’s Medieval Giveaway background, courtesy of Parangaricu2. Apparently a Club Penguin moderator, who is their buddy, was wearing it. As you know, buddy lists show a thumbnail of the playercard and so the background was there, but since it is not released in Club Penguin (or their files that I can access) it did not appear on the actual playercard.

Gary Medieval Giveaway

The penguin’s name is Dual Disc. (Thanks Veandito007)

6 thoughts on “Gary’s New Medieval Party 2012 Background Picture

  1. How did that person got it, I hacked that background with cheat engine and the only thing it should was a “X” mark and I checked out Club Penguin’s swf files and this background wasn’t even available it just should an error page so how did he mange to get it?

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