Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 To Be In June, Music Jam In July

Now we know – the Super Hero Party is June 13 – 27th and the Music Jam is July 25th to August 8th. Awesome!

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Super Hero Party 2012 To Be In June, Music Jam In July

  1. YES!!!!
    Why am I so excited about June super hero party?
    Because im going cottage later on about 20th of june and that would have been a big dissapoint for me if I couldnt pick up teh free items :(

  2. i wonder what the free item for non-members will be at this Super Hero party .
    But i know 1 thing for sure.
    The free items on this party will be rare ( if they don’t release the same items next year xd )

    Do u got annny idea of what the free item could be ?please let me now :)

  3. Will we have penguin games in august? And what about more EPF missions and sport shop rebuilding? I thought in august it would be full of EPF stuff inculding sport shop rebuilding, well, i hope penguin games and sport shop rebuilding is at the same month in august, maybe the sport shop rebuilding would be first then penguin games or the other way, anyways, im very excited that we will have music jam in july! But there is something i don’t understand, on a club penguin calendar it said music jam in june, not in july! and no super hero party mentioning on the calendar of cp in june! Anyways, maybe club penguin changed plans at the last moment, i also dont get why music jam was in june last year and island adventure party in july, hmm, anyways, im glad music jam is in july instead of being replaced, music jam is my favorite party =D and the free item during the super hero party could be a mask although club penguin now makes hats :/ anyways, guess we gotta wait.

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