ALERT: Club Penguin Membership Contest SUNDAY (5/20) @ 9:00 AM PST (OVER!)

As promised, I am having a Club Penguin membership contest. It’ll be this Sunday, on the 20th of May at 9:00 AM PST. For reference, here is Club Penguin’s PST clock:

I am going to be doing things a little differently. Right around 9:00 AM PST (might be a few minutes before or after, so be ready!) a new post will be published on this website. In the post there will be four codes. However, there is a catch to it – one might be used, one might be fake, one might be real! There might even be two or even three real ones, who knows? You’re just going to have to pick quickly and try to redeem it to see if it works.

Also, as you might be aware, my Twitter account tweets automatically when there is a new post. I will be turning that off for that post. I’ll tweet a reminder tweet when it’s almost time, but I won’t let you know when the post is out! You’ll just have to have the Club Penguin Membership Redemption Page open, along with constantly refreshing Club Penguin Memories and waiting for the new post with the code(s) to appear.

See you on Sunday, and good luck!

31 thoughts on “ALERT: Club Penguin Membership Contest SUNDAY (5/20) @ 9:00 AM PST (OVER!)

  1. Nah, waiting for your Card Jitsu Code Giveaway.

    Or can I redeem membership if I already have recurring membership?

  2. If I should give a try..

    Finland, GMT+2, time for me? I probably know it but i am not sure. And also, am I ahead of PST or not?

  3. Oh no! I wanna watch the VOR Start that time! I’m already a member but I have 6 penguins so it’s a hard choice!

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