Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Rooms Exclusive

You know how Club Penguin tends to have a television commercial once a month for that month’s event? By the looks of it they’ve begun to air one for this year’s Puffle Party, which is set to start on March 15th. As soon as I managed to record this commercial (or Club Penguin uploads it) I will be sure to post about it. In the meantime, here are pictures. Also, while unrelated, Club Penguin’s Treasure Chest Costume, the free item for the second issue of Club Penguin’s Magazine, is released. I don’t know if the second issue is out yet but I’ve heard it is hackable. However, I suggest you don’t as Club Penguin can easily see who has it ahead of time. (Special thanks to Captain Twy for this tip)

(Note: I’d like to thank iCP Blog and Nene8888 for these Puffle Party Pictures)

The Forest is apparently the Blue Puffle’s room:

The Cove is for the Red Puffle like usual.

The Puffle Show area:

Another part of the Puffle Show are:

The Polka Dot Puffle Hat will be a free item in this room. It’s apparently for everyone, so maybe the room will be open for everyone this year?

The Ski Village:

Is this an overhaul in the Pet Shop or an all new room? That Spa?

Another unreleased room:

Here’s the Plaza. It’s said that Quest for the Golden Puffle will be the stage play for March.

That’s all for now!

39 thoughts on “Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Rooms Exclusive

    • I know right. Hey, look. There’s a pool shaped as a puffle. And ClubPenguin crossed out ‘penguin’ out of their name and changed it to ‘Clubpuffle’ because IT’S THE PUFFLE INVASION WHICH IS KNOWN TO BE THE PUFFLE PARTY!!! Wayy, :3

  1. Hi there trainman, dud u already saw penguins with names like ‘Sensei’ or “Rockhopper” but their just penguins with a false name, they are using special name creation like this òScreenhogò , with this u can see the ò ingame BUT it will not be on you’re playercard, with this you can create you’re own penguin like Saraapril = òSaraaprilò or `òCaptainTwyò or other penguin names that are not already taken :) i am investigating this strange glitch and this is my first clue i found .

    Have a nice day :)

    • Penguins have been faking names like that for the longest time. =P Luckily Trainman1405 is 12 characters, the limit. xD

    • I am going to try to find out how they did this strange name glitch, but now about the puffle party, will there be 1 free item and wil it be replaced by another item just like they did at the rochopper quest ?

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  3. I asked Club Penguin on a e-mail if the commercial was going to be uploaded to there You Tube channel. The person who replied said nobody even knew about it.


    • I asked them about the halloween scarf. And she said, There is a nice red scarf in the catalog that i think you should look at. Hope this helps. I should have replied that made absolutely NO SENSE.

  4. There will be a free hat for your penguin at the town, and a matching hat for your puffle at the ski lodge. I saw the commercial. :)

  5. OMG!!! Did you know the unreleased area is the puffle spa? You turn into your puffle!!! (WARNING: Only for members) you can go see what it is like as a puffle. IMA MINECRAFT AND CLUB PENGUIN FAN!!!! Wow, i bet you were not expecting that. :)

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