March 2012 Issue Of Club Penguin’s Magazine Released

Today Club Penguin has released their second issue of the official Club Penguin magazine. Here’s everything in this month’s issue – I’d like to thank Bloxxerman for all of the information and pictures as they do not sell it where I live.

This month it is a special Rockhopper pirate themed issue. You get a code to unlock the Treasure Chest Costume, which I previously posted about here. You also get one item of your choice from the treasure book, 1,500 coins, and¬†Puffle Poppers. There’s also a sneak peek of the April Fools Day Party. It reads:

¬†There’s somethin funny going on at Club Penguin this April! Anything can happen at our annual April Fool’s Party… and it usually does. See you there!

The 2012 April Fools Day Party starts March 29th.

Now, here is the table of contents for everything included in this issue:

  • Flipperazzi: Sensei
  • Puffle of the Month: Red Puffle
  • Invitation: April Fool’s Party
  • Fashion 4 U: Swim Style!
  • Gary’s Gadgets: Super Secret Squid Radar
  • Comic: Round Cheese Ahoy!
  • Cadence’s Catwalk: Totally Pirate
  • Penguin Profile: Captain Rockhopper
  • Penguin Mission: Super Turbo Jet Pack Test Flight!
  • Create Your Own Penguin Adventure: Rockhopper and the Big Bad Sea Monster!
  • Cool Cribs: Igloos of the Month
  • Posters: Rockhopper, Cream Soda, Puffles
  • Comic: The Growl From the Deep!
  • Penguin Challenge: Treasure Island!
  • CP Tour: Ski Village
  • Competition: Rockhopper’s Eye Spy!
  • Penguin Challenge: Puffle Puzzle Dash!
  • Ask Aunt Arctic
  • Very Important Penguin: Romanista1!
  • Next Issue

As for the next issue, here is what it says about it:

Shhh! Next issue is our top secret Spy Special! 2 FREE ITEMS! One item of your choice from the Treasure Book and a Spy Tuxedo! Rookie stars in our comic story! Gary’s 10 greatest gadgets! The Golden Puffle! All new missions! Secret Agent Quiz! Plus FREE wrist-mounted disc launcher (with 10 puffle discs) and 1500 coins! Out 5th April!

This is the Spy Tuxedo:

17 thoughts on “March 2012 Issue Of Club Penguin’s Magazine Released

  1. I saw someone today wearing the treasure chest costume.
    I cried.
    CP, bring the magazine to America. PLEASE.

  2. “The Golden Puffle!” I am hoping this lets us in on the discovery of the used fossil it is…I mean, uh…puffle.

  3. It would seem like they would release it in North America since that is where their main headquarters are. :(

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