Hot Pink Puffle Rumour Debunked By Happy77

As you’ve probably heard, Club Penguin is currently airing a Get Connected Commercial on Disney Channel about the Puffle Party. Within the first few seconds there is a mysterious apparent Hot Pink Puffle on the wall. For years, it’s been a rumour by many Club Penguin Bloggers saying “this is going to be the next Puffle colour!”. So far, nothing. In case you never noticed the Puffle in the video, here is a screencap of it:

Then yesterday, it was (finally) uploaded to Club Penguin’s YouTube video. I had checked it out a second time today and noticed this comment by Happy77. She said it’s just a rumour and the Puffle in the video ISN’T hot pink.

What do you think? Is it the truth, it’s just how the camera picked up the artwork’s colouring, or is it just a cover up? I guess we’ll find out soon enough if there will be a new Puffle soon or not. Every day I check Club Penguin’s files and so far there has been nothing about it. If that changes I will definitely post it right away!

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