Club Penguin Puffle Handler Description

Over on Disney’s website they updated the Club Penguin page, adding a biography about PH! Since she’s now a full on official mascot and is even visiting the island for the first time in just a few days, I thought I’d post it so you can learn more about PH and her background.

G’Day my penguin mates! I am P.H. The Puffle Handler! I have lots of tips and tricks for training our favourite Puffle pets and love sharing them with my friends so all the Puffles on the island can be happy and healthy.

To all those in the know, P.H. solely trained all the Elite Puffles in the EPF to be talented agent assistants they are today. If you find her on the island she will teach you how to feed, play, and take care of your Puffles so they don’t run back into the wild.

Tip from P.H. – Each Puffle has its favourite food and it’s your job as their owner to find out what your Puffle likes best! Is it Puffle O’s, pizza, carrots, cookies, or something else? Don’t feed them too much though or they will be too full to explore the island and play games with you!

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  1. hey train if you look at the newspaper you see a hot pink ballon in the picture in the background where the upcoming events is

  2. “I am P.H. The Puffle Handler”

    lol, so she’s saying, G’day my Penguin mates, I am Puffle handler the Puffle Handler. XD

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