Club Penguin Load Error

Club Penguin now works again! Clear your cache if you are still having issues.

By the looks of it Club Penguin is having some loading issues for everyone. When trying to log in (past the login screen page) it says Load Error: Sorry, there’s been an error loading Club Penguin. Please try logging in later. If the problem continues please contact

Also, when looking at some backend changes, for some reason they removed all the stamps from their game file. (on accident and they should be re-added once the game is fixed)

9 thoughts on “Club Penguin Load Error

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  2. Not on this topic, it’s about the penguin band at this years 2012 Music Jam. I have brought myself to believe that they will NOT be having their 2011 style, they’ll have their 2010, country look. I believe this because of this post that billybob made lasy year. near the final words, it states, “Many bands like to change their style every few years. Who knows? Maybe Penguin Band will change their look again in the future..” Do you agree?

    • Although I DID like their 2011 look, it would be nice to collect their other background. And also if cadence is coming, I’m hoping or her music jam 2010 BG, or a completely new one would be even better! Can’t wait to see rookies BG for the April Fools Party 2012!

  3. Wrong topic to ask perhaps, but does Rookie visit April Fools Party? And if he does, does he have a new background or same as January 2012?

  4. somehow i got on but all of the servers was 1 bar literly (meaning you cant go on any servers) if you try to get on the server it will say lost connection

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