Club Penguin Underwater Expedition 2012 Cheats Theories

With the first ever Underwater Expedition just days away, I figured I would post my theories on what I expect will be at the party like I do every month.┬áCompared to past party theory posts, I don’t have as much information on the party, however there are tons of small bits and details I know and have gathered overtime in past posts here on Club Penguin Memories.

First off, there will be up to five new stamps at the party. In Happy77’s January 2012 Clothing Catalog Video┬áher playercard shows she has 55 out of a total of 311 stamps. The thing is, we can only unlock 306. The difference between 311 and 306 is 5. I do not know what the stamps will be, or if they’ll even be related to this event. I’m assuming they will be.

We also know the island is going to be tipped. The right side of the island and center part aren’t underwater, however the tipping is still evident. Here’s the Town:

Here is the Iceberg:

However, rooms such as the Dock is where the water starts to be evident. Here’s the right side of it:

Here is the left side of it:

The Ski Village is completely underwater:

I think this is the Dock too, or maybe even the Cove. In Happy77’s video she clicked the can to pick it up, so I think there might be some sort of scavenger hunt as there will be a free background at the party – more information on that below.

The Beach will have a free item of some sort. More on that below too.

The entrance to under the water at the Beach, via a cavern:

As for the actual party rooms, it will be a maze consisting of six rooms. According to Club Penguin’s files all of them require you to be wearing the Submarine Suit, a free item for members at the party. The maze will have a new music track playing and the final room will also have a new music track, but a different one. The rooms are all members only except the 2nd and 6th made rooms, so I don’t know how that will work out.

Not too long ago I also posted that at the end there would be a final room called Atlantis.

While there will still be a final room after the maze, it is now called “The Deep” instead. I do not know why Club Penguin decided to change the name.

Here’s an assortment of party pictures by Happy77:

This is most likely the entrance to the final room, The Deep:

As for the items, there will be a free body item for members called the Submarine Suit. There will be a free head item for everyone called the Heavy Hat. It’s either this or anvils in the boxes at the Beach that are currently sinking the island. There will also be a background for everyone called the Cleaned Up Dock Background, which makes me believe that some sort of task or scavenger hunt will be at the party to get the background. As far as my knowledge goes none of these new items will have a special dance. I also do not know if any old items will be returning. As far as I’m aware there will be no new Puffle either, but that might change last minute in Club Penguin’s files. Only time will tell for sure.

Finally, Rookie will be waddling around the party with a new background, the Rookie Anvil Background. The new pin released the same day as the party will be the Beach Chair Pin. That’s it for now!

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  1. I always go into the wrong club penguin files. I go to the images of old stuff and already released. =P I’m gonna try harder!

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