Cadence Confirmed To Be Visiting Club Penguin

As long as you at least look at the pictures in the newspaper, over the last two or so weeks you probably noticed a familiar face – Cadence! To my knowledge there has been no official word of her coming, however I’m her to confirm it thanks for their file for prewritten mascot messages. As you can see they are related to the Fashion Show. When she visits, be sure to use my Cadence Tracker 2012.


Cadence is here!
lets get the party started!
party penguins in the place to be!
can I get a WHAT WHAT?
Cadence in the club!
Cadence in the hiz ouse!
is there a party going on here?
hey laaaadieeees!
sup fellas!
everybody in the club holla at me!
its your girl Cadence!
check it!
epic win!

Fashion Show:

fashion show!
who wants to model?
who wants to judge?
models on the catwalk!
right hurrr!
judges over here!
photographers u ready?
audience where u at?
its so busy i love it!
we need crowd control like whoa!
body guards where u at?
bouncers over here!
whew thanks!
gasp! i love it
epic fabric!
r u a princess?
love the hat!
that dress is sweet!
u guys r way talented
okay next look!
photographers over here
whoa nice snapshot
show me your fancy face
show me your glam face
so famous
famous penguins right here!
lets see your outfits
down the catwalk!
dont trip!
whoops! nbd!
no big deal
dont think anyone saw
u look great
how can u walk in those heels?!
Im impressed
can u dance in them too?

whos a stylist?
whats in this season?
lets play a game
i say a style…
…u smile if u like it…
…or frown if u dont
ok lets go
sparkly skirts!
puffy coats!
striped shirts!
shiny shoes!
for real?
haha good to know
ok let’s see YOUR best looks
ok hats
now accessories
full outfits!
I love it
youve got a great eye
SO talented
okay guys question!
How can I stand out on the dance floor?
what colors should i wear?
for green turn green!
turn yellow for yellow!
for brown turn brown!
turn pink for pink!
great advice!
everyone would see me for sure!
ooh makeup tables
thanks i like the natural look
who wants to do my makeup?
looks great
dont forget my eyes
eyeshadow please!
wow you’re a natural
who wants to do my hair?
more hair spray!
hair up or down?
hair pins!
can u dry my hair?
oh wow!
it looks amaaaazing
thanks SO much
i love it
u r SO talented
flips hair
so epic!

Fashion designers:

whos a fashion designer?
is this your collection?
wow I love it!
what’s your favorite outfit?
Any scarves?
i LOVE scarves!
you must be a designer
so fly
totally glam
way fresh

Lolz/Puffle fashion:

Lolz in the house!
thanks! her names Lolz
cause she brings the lolz!
whats your puffles name?
sweet name
she loves dancing
maybe even more than me!
does your puffle like dancing?
awesome puffle hat
Lolz likes it
she’s way jealous
ill have to get her one too
lets have a puffle fashion show!
puffles line up over here
pink puffles right here!
lets make a puffle rainbow!!!
red puffles here
orange puffles here
yellow puffles here
green puffles here
blue puffles here
purple puffles here
black brown white…
…right here!
ooh a princess puffle
hello your majesty!
that tiara is adorbs
cool headphones
just like mine!
pirate puffles what what!!
sweet sombrero


party penguins in the place to be!
were looking ice cool!
your outfits a total win!
wave ya flippers in the air!
were here to CELEBRATE!
lets make some NOISE!!
take my lead!
follow me!
now dance!
lets hit the dance floor!
dance to the beat!
I need more dancers!
Aw yeah
any requests for DJ K Dance?
gasp! that’s my jam!
i looove that song

Ice Moves:

everyone on the dance floor
scratches record
lets divide this party up!
HALF penguins on the LEFT
penguins on the RIGHT say EPIC
penguins on the RIGHT say ICE!
penguins on the RIGHT say HEY
penguins on the RIGHT SMILE
penguins on the RIGHT BARF FACE
penguins on the LEFT say WIN
penguins on the LEFT say COLD
penguins on the LEFT say OHHH
penguins on the LEFT WINK!
penguins on the LEFT TOOT!
when I say DONT DANCE u say NO CHANCE!
hearts for dancing!
waddle on this way
step right
step left
slide to the left
run to the right
run in circles
stand in a line
dancers in a line
this line is ICE
I need a penguin here
flippers in the sky
like you don’t know why!
flippers in the air
like u just don’t care!
flippers raise the roof
cos ya got no proof
raise ya flippers in the air
wave em like ya just don’t care


scratches record
who can free style?
break it down!
aw yeah
so fly
let me mix some beats for ya!
spin the record, find the groove
dance the dance watch me move!
dance it up lets see ya moves
break it down lets see ya groove!
I dance in the morning
I dance all the time
I got fresh moves I say ICE rhymes!


Lets rip it up
you ready to move?
waddle this way
lets hit the dance floor!
follow me!!
lets move this party on
everybody to the Night Club!!
lead the way
aw yeah
this way yo!
k! everyone to the Gift Shop!
lets shake it up!
dance this way!


ur all my crew!
for sure! check my background
grab my background its ice!
Check the background!
what do YOU think I should wear?
ooh stylish i like it!
haha that’s awesome
spinning my tunes
practicing my moves
lets see your moves!
been mixing tunes
lets hear your sounds!
I made the scarf myself
I dig your style!
I colored my hair myself
yours looks great!
You really like it? Epic!
lolz thx
no way


time to chill
i gtg
got to go
gonna chill
ice party penguins!
catch ya on the flip side!
Thanks for the groove!
peace out
be back soon
later yo!
Cadence OUT!!

3 thoughts on “Cadence Confirmed To Be Visiting Club Penguin

  1. This would have been a perfect introduction for Dot the Disguise gal. She could have come up with LOTS of outfits! Not to mention, her own background! IMO

  2. Candence and Dot should be visiting. Dot is the Disguise Penguin Gal in EPF and fits perfectly well in a Fashion Show with her outfits. Candence, whom has held the Fashion Show, of course cannot miss this event. -lovely.liar.

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