Club Penguin January 2012 Penguin Style Clothing Catalog

If you recall, three weeks ago I posted a list of all the unreleased items. Then I just recently posted about the Custom Hoodies. Well, these items have been released! The first Penguin Style of of 2012 has been released. The main theme of the new items in this catalog is for this month’s party, the Underwater Party. This catalog also has some small changes font wise and look wise. For example, you can see what the outfits look on a playercard without leaving the catalog and trying it on.  I think these are some nice changes that make the catalog look soft and welcoming. What do you think of it?

Here are all the cheats. Some have been moved from last month’s catalog.

On the first page you can click the penguin playercard’s right foot (her left) for the Blue Flippers (225 coins) and the Pink Flippers. (200 coins)

Also on this page you can click the top of the first tree for the Blue & Pink Mask/Snorkels. The pink one costs 200 coins and the blue one costs 250 coins.

The next three pages contain no hidden items. They are new pages in this month’s edition of the Penguin Style catalog, however.

After that you’ll be on items from last month’s catalog, the December 2011 Penguin Style. Click the gold-ish ornament for the Tree Costume, which costs 600 coins.

Turn to the next page. You can click the Snowflake Costume penguin’s foot for the Tundra Board, which costs 400 coins.

On the page after that you can click on the Ski Hill sign click the left most square for the Big Bad Wool Hooves, which costs 200 coins.

On the same page you can also click the circle in the middle for the Wool Socks, which costs 100 coins.

Turn the page again. This is one with the Custom Hoodies. Click the paintbrush.

When you do the Red Viking Helmet will appear. It costs 750 coins.

Open and close it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet. It costs 1,200 coins.

Turn the page again and you’ll be displayed with items that were first in the November 2011 Penguin Style. Click the flower bud above the penguin in the Water Kimono for the Pink Flower Sandals, which costs 160 coins.

Turn the page click the penguin’s hand for the Brown Leather Cuffs, which costs 100 coins.

On the next page click the tree closest to the penguin on the left. From here you can buy The Sidewinder (500 coins), White Diva Sunglasses (225 coins), Pink Hoodie (300 coins), Pearl Necklace (550 coins), and the Pink Checkered Shoes. (300 coins) All these items are originally from the October 2011 Penguin Style catalog.

On this same page you can buy the Puffle Raincoat (350 coins) and the Yellow Rubber Boots. (280 coins) Simply click on the third tree from the left in the middle of the catalog.

On the next page there are Halloween Items from the October 2011 Penguin Style. Click the bottom left pane for the Golden Fairy Wings (350 coins), Girl’s Pilot Cap (330 coins), and the Fairy Flight Outfit. (400 coins) Any items from this page on are on clearance and will not be in next month’s February 2012 Penguin Style.

On the window in the center of the page click the bottom left pane for the Flashlight. It costs 120 coins.

On the third window, this one on the far right, click the second panel in it from the left. This will bring up the Candy Corn Costume, which costs 100 coins.

The page after that contains even more Halloween Costumes. Click the  Unicorn Penguin’s eyes for the Horse Costume and Hooves. The Costume costs 500 coins and the Hooves costs 200 coins.

Also on this page you can find the Frankenpenguin Outfit. Click on the center part of the stage the penguins are on. The Frankenpenguin Hat costs 250 coins and the Frankenpenguin Costume costs 450 coins.

Turn the page. Click on the penguin’s teeth for the Superhero Mask (formerly the Black Mask circa 2006), which you can buy for 100 coins.

Finally, click the tree on the far right for the Fuzzy Boots. You can buy them for 250 coins.

What is your favorite new item in this catalog? Below is a video of all the cheats.

The following pages have been updated:

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  1. If you look closely at the penguins at work background the cove is empty! My guess is that the commenter on the other post was right, that the island was tilted towards the beach. This supports the Crooked Town in Happy77’s January 2012 Penguin Style Sneak Peak! Train I seriously think that the Island is coing to start sinking at the beach, so we can go underwater at the beach, ski village, and dock. Think about this and make a post about all the evidence we have here! Who supports me?

  2. Ok. Well if you see anything weird that I wouldn’t do (like what he said above. I wouldn’t randomly say “LOL NOT@”) just change the username. If you accidently do it and it WAS me, I’ll just tell you.
    thanks for helping!

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