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Earlier today Club Penguin Blogger Pochoma123 received a tip containing much information about Club Penguin’s 2011 Holiday Party. The information comes from Recrei Online, a Portuguese website. If you remember this is the same company that told us Puffle Launch (and Card-Jitsu) will be coming to iOS. So far one of the two games have been released – maybe the Card-Jitsu App will be released once Card-Jitsu Snow is out, who knows. Anyway, here is a rough translation of the information given. This does contain spoilers, although much of it is already known. We learn that both Rockhopper AND Aunt Arctic will be at the party. This information also references a lot we already know – we already know what the rooms will look like (click), as well as items, items, and even more items.  Either way, this looks like a very promising party and I can’t wait until it starts on the 14th.

Is your penguin ready for Christmas? Well, brace yourself: the Christmas Party starts on the 14th! The party will last until December 28th. Check it out:

Christmas Party

Of course you could not miss the snow in Club Penguin!

The scenario of the game will undergo a complete transformation during the party: the sky will darken earlier, Santa’s sleigh will appear from time to time among the clouds, and as expected snow will fall on top of the mountains. It seems to advertise soap powder, but is doesn’t: it will get even whiter!

Two characters will be at the party: Captain Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic.

Calendar in the Forest

From 14 to December 25, there will be a calendar to help you wait for the big Christmas Day! The lights will turn on the calendar as the days pass. It’s countdown to the arrival of the good old iceberg!

Present every day

Your penguin will win this one per day. Just click on doors to receive a pin, a background, an item to your head … Stay tuned: the last day, your penguin will win an item to the body.

New area!

Where are the panettone? In the Bakery, of course! During the Christmas party, a bakery will start work on the island.

At the Bakery members will attend a special activity to climb platforms and connect the machines to make bread. By connecting them, targets will appear.

After hitting the target, the equipment will start working and make cookies. Yum!

Sleigh Room

The room of Santa Claus will have three different prizes, ranging from clothing to ornaments.

Your penguin will have to complete the Challenge Sled three times to win all three awards.

26 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Information

  1. Dude snow on the mountains is CJS!!! And every single day we get 3 free items from the calendar! I can’t believe Rockhopper AND Aunt Arctic will be coming back! Club penguin is really working on making non-member penguins play and really nice experience! Also having over 50 new items including BG’s, the Pins will be my favorite, and a head item? Then non-members FINALLY get a body item after years! And who/ and / or what will be arriving on the iceberg?! Wow I’m really Syked forthis party I’m typing so much on my IPhone… Also one last thing I got the Sensei Plush today sadas and train, I’ll send pictures in on what you really get.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. hey trainman i noticed that your comment is the first comment on the new video that cp released “never wake a sleeping sensei”

  3. Questions for you:
    How do you know it starts on 14th of December? Its Wednesday and middle of the week :o

    What does present every day mean? I dont actually get it.

    Will Aunt Arctic or Rockhopper have new background? If not, there’s no need to track them..

    This is my first proper and modern xmas party to experience in Club Penguin, I have only experience from 2007 and 2008. Thats why I ask.


    • 1) The article said. Club Penguin updates late Wednesday nights, around 9:30 PM PST. They could easily update on Monday or Tuesday if they wanted to.

      2) An item for your penguin most likely.

      3) At this time it doesn’t look like it, but it could easily change.

  4. COOL! so u can see what server he is on usally right? Like if u go on, it says he’s on on ur friends list, u go off, and look at all the servers to see what friends u have on and one of them is sensei! LUCKY!

  5. Nah, if it says Sensei is online,and if no friends are online then we will know which server Sensei is in. Just log off :)

  6. Nice post, Train!

    The best part of this party for me is that Aunt Arctic will be waddling on CP. I must get her stamp this time, because my PC was broken when AA was on the anniversary party & I havent met her. Mascot stamps means very much for me. Once I will get AA stamp, my collection will be complete.
    Speaking of the body item from calendar at the Forest, any Idea which item that could be?

    • It’ll probably be one of these:

      Cranberry Decoration
      Gold Decoration
      Evergreen Decoration
      Gingerbread Cookie Costume

  7. I am sort of assuming Disney lost more players by only giving hats, so they’re giving out body items to bring back their penguins. Besides that, I like the party they’ve set up. I wish it would snow like 2008 and 2006, because 2008 was my favorite of both. I like they ‘advent calendar’ type thing at the Forest, and it’ll be fun to see what’s what. I also like how they aren’t using the 2009 & 2010 decor because two years in a row was pretty boring. They went through 2006-2007-2008-2009 without having the same decor twice in a row… and then there’s 2010. :D Can’t wait for the party, however.

  8. This is awesom! I am a member already but this is still soo awesome! I cant wait to meet aunt arctic because i met her once but then that account got banned forever lol. I have a new account and ive already met Gary and Sensei! I cant wait to add to the collection! Thanks so much trainman! If you guys want to add me on club penguin my penguin is doodly76229. :-)

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