Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Items?

Some of you probably remember my post from late October listing items that will be in Club Penguin’s December 2011 Penguin Style Catalog. They’ve updated their files again, listing more items. They will either be in this catalog or at the Holiday Party later in the month. The items are all head items and members only.

  • The Twizzle for 350 coins
  • The Triple Lutz for 350 coins
  • The Free Skate for 350 coins

Unrelated, here is something weird I saw in Club Penguin’s files:

13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 Items?

  1. U know the email i said i sent cp? the one about the cj party sneek peeks?
    Well they said no sneek peeks cause its unfair to the other penguins cause they cant see them.
    Well i asked to another question…
    me and a friend (Rockie805) had a idea.

    Here is what i said:
    u know the lake on the map where there is no room(its surruonded by trees)?
    WEll I had a idea that for january, there should be a quest, and us penguins find that room!

    Well he wrote back saying he LOVED the idea and would menchen it at the next cp meeting!

  2. Hey Train , I found some more new items.
    ID 4474-4484 Are all new i believe.
    Red Away Hockey Jersey
    Red Away Goalie Gear
    Blue Away Hockey Jersey
    Blue Away Goalie Gear
    Green Away Hockey Jersey
    Green Away Goalie Gear
    Yellow Away Hockey Jersey
    Yellow Away Goalie Gear
    Perfect Twirl Dress
    Floating on Ice Dress
    Snowy Sky Dress

    All of them are body items for members :)

  3. ‘Hint’ is many times referred to that yellow box that appears when you scroll your cursor on a game or place on the map. If the file’s name you’re talking about is about places then it’s likely the map will have a ‘damaged rooftop’ shortcut.

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